Men’s Guide to Packing for Summer

Men’s Guide to Packing for Summer

Packing for any trip can be an overwhelming task. The key, of course, is to find a middle ground: the last thing you want to do is leave essentials behind, but you also don’t want to overpack. One trick to saving space and packing efficiently is to bring as many versatile or multi-purpose pieces as possible. With this in mind, also pack neutral colors and make sure every clothing item pairs well with every other clothing item. That will cut down on how many outfits you need to fit into your bag or suitcase.

You can even put the bag you are packing in on double-duty in this way. A nice leather suitcase is great for a business trip, but for a family trip to the beach, why not pack all of your clothing in a beach bag? That canvas bag that you know you will need anyway for your walks to the beach is now one less thing you have to pack.


For warm-weather vacations, you will, of course, need at least one pair of shorts. A wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying microfiber is an excellent choice. Remember that very light colors will reflect sunlight. Whites and off-whites, yellows, and tans will keep you feeling cooler than darker colors.

A Linen Shirt

Linen is our go-to fabric choice for summer clothing. We recommend investing in at least one linen shirt for daytime activities. This fabric is lightweight, breezy, and quick-drying. It is also versatile style-wise and can be worn in many settings.

A Tailored Button-Down

Bring at least one nice, tailored men's button-down Oxford to pair with your slacks and blazer or sport coat for evenings and dinners out. Unless you are attending a formal event, you can go ahead and skip a necktie. This results in a more casual but more comfortable vacation-appropriate attire.


Bring at least one pair of pants or slacks for evenings and dinners out. Pack a looser fitting or wide-legged pair to help vent heat away from your skin. Baggy, oversized clothes don’t look very flattering, but a shirt and trousers in your size and fitted more loosely than a dress suit might help keep you feeling breezy.

A Blazer

Bring one blazer or suit jacket on your vacation to dress up outfits for dinner dates or nights on the town.

Several T-Shirts

Bring a few men’s t-shirts to rotate for day and night. Light, natural fabrics allow your skin to breathe, air to circulate, and your body temperature to remain comfortably low. Bamboo, linen, and silk are the best natural fabrics to wear in hot weather, but light cotton materials are also breathable. Just remember that cotton will absorb and hold moisture more than other fabrics.


We recommend at least two pairs of men’s swim trunks for a beach vacation. You will most likely want the second pair to rotate and give each pair time to fully dry between wears.


In addition to your t-shirts and shorts, you may want to bring an outfit specifically for the gym or for any strenuous outdoor activities such as hiking you might be doing. As mentioned earlier, cotton t-shirts are great for keeping you cool and comfortable in most warm-weather situations. But for more high-performance pieces, you will want shirts and shorts specifically designed for keeping you cool and dry, such as men’s workout clothes.

Boat Shoes or Loafers

To be worn with or without socks, slip-on boat shoes or loafers are the go-to versatile footwear choice for tropical vacations. Unless you are heading to a very formal event, a decent pair of loafers is a great choice for pairing with your night-out attire.


Always bring a pair of athletic shoes with you when traveling. Your boat shoes or loafers are great for dinners and events, and your sandals or water shoes are great for the beach, but if you plan on doing any significant walking, running, or hiking, you will want your comfy sneakers with you.

Sandals or Water Shoes

When going on a warm-weather vacation, you will want to bring along footwear made for water activities. If you have ever tried to walk in shoes full of wet sand, you understand this deeply. Invest in a pair of open-toe and durable sandals or men's water shoes specifically for your water sports, boating, and beach activities. Your feet will thank you.

This list is not exhaustive, of course. So don’t forget your men's underwear, socks, and toiletries. Use this list as a general guide for your summer packing, and you are sure to be prepared for your fun summer trip.


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