Men’s Guide to Knitwear for Fall 2023

Men’s Guide to Knitwear for Fall 2023

When sweater season rolls around, you might have a difficult time finding out what type of sweater to wear because, well, there are just so many! From crewnecks to zipped cardigans, you have plenty of styles to choose from to last throughout autumn and winter. If you're looking to learn more about your options, keep reading. Most sweaters people wear during colder seasons are long-sleeved—the variety comes with the neckline and design of the front. Read our tips on styling sweaters to keep you stylish from head to toe.

The Crewneck

Crewneck sweaters are some of the most worn out there, and there's a reason. They're so versatile. The necklines allow for collared shirts to be layered underneath. You'll find a common theme throughout—like most sweaters, crewnecks come in various patterns and designs. Crewneck sweaters look streamlined without trying too hard. It's easy to style them up or down but still look put together.

The V-Neck

Like crewneck sweaters, V-necks are versatile, and you can wear them with men's button-down shirts and men's T-shirts. The depth of the neckline varies, from higher up the neck to lower and wider.

The Mock Neck

A mock neck gives off sophisticated vibes. A mock neck is usually close fitting and covers almost all the neck. Most mock necklines feature a clean front; others might feature a quarter-zip or full-zip front closure.

The Turtleneck

Unlike a mock neckline, a turtleneck goes all the way up the neck and folds over. If you're looking for additional warmth at the neck, a turtleneck sweater might provide that. The chunkiness of the neckline depends on the overall thickness of the sweater.

The Sweater Vest

Try a sweater vest come fall and winter if you're into vests. You can find solid vests but also those with chunky knitting. These tops look best styled over long-sleeved shirts and T-shirts.

The Cardigan

The last on the list, cardigans are ideal layering pieces once the weather takes a dip. There are plenty of styles to explore. Slim cardigans maintain that polished look, while chunky-knit cardigans provide additional warmth. You can find cardigans with an open front, zip front, or button closures.

Know Your Materials

Learn more about the materials you'll encounter when shopping for knitwear. In terms of quality, wool is the highest out there, such as Merino wool and cashmere. These types of wool can keep you nice and warm, but they usually cost more than wool made of synthetic materials. Cotton sweaters are common, too, but they're not as warm as wool sweaters. Finally, sweaters made of synthetic materials are more affordable but aren't as high quality as wool.

Style Your Sweater With the Right Bottoms

Amp up your sweater-weather looks with the right bottoms. No matter the men's jeans you wear, sweaters would probably match them. For an edgy look, perhaps wear distressed or ripped jeans. Or stick to plain, neutral-toned jeans that'll match whatever shade or design featured on your sweater.

Men's chinos come in a variety of styles, cuts, and colors, and what makes chinos so great is that they can move with ease from a business setting to a night at the bar. Fitted chinos can lend a sleek look to your outfit, while looser-fitting pants can provide more room for you to breathe. Khaki pants also work well with most sweaters since they feature a neutral tone.

Find Tops and Layers That'll Lend More Style

Dress up your sweater with a shirt. Neutral-toned men's shirts, such as white, gray, light blue, and black, can match almost all your sweaters. However, consider choosing a shirt featuring a pattern such as stripes or pin dots for a bit of flair. For additional warmth, you can layer a jacket over your sweaters, such as denim, bomber, and leather jackets. Alternatively, men's blazers can dress up your sweater outfit.

Finish Off With Accessories

Knit winter hats like a beanie will do. Reversible beanies give you double the choice. If beanies aren't your thing, there are other options, like a sherpa bucket hat, trapper hat, or a pom hat. Also, a fleece headband and earmuffs offer protection but also let you show off your hairstyle.

Cover up those hands with gloves and mittens, which you can use in various colors and patterns. Match with your sweater or stand out in leather or fur-trimmed gloves and mittens. Keep warm in a men's sweater style of your choice. Additionally, elevate your sweater game by accenting with the scarf or wrap of your choice, whether that's one featuring plaid, stripes, or chunky knitting. 

Sweaters are must-have apparel pieces once it's starting to get chilly. Find the style that suits you and dress it up or down. Use our guide to figure out what works best for you, whether you want to stick with more polished sweater pieces or go for a bold design. Sweaters provide a high level of comfort while keeping your style in check. Complete your look according to your destination. Finally, shop the right department—regular, big and tall, big, or tall (measure your neck, chest, and arms to determine your best size).


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