A Men’s Guide to Different Jean Fits

A Men’s Guide to Different Jean Fits

There is nothing quite like a great pair of jeans. You know the type—the ones that make you look great while feeling so comfortable you would wear them every day if you could. There are lots of options when it comes to men’s jeans, but no worries—Lands’ End has you covered. Let’s look at the different jean fits available for men.

First, the Fit

The most important quality in a pair of men’s jeans is that you like wearing them. This will require a few different things, including that they fit right. If it has been a while since you have been jeans shopping, start with your current measurements. This will ensure that you end up with a pair of jeans that will work for you. Jeans should not be either too loose or too tight. They should be comfortable while looking great. With a bit of practice, you can find just the right fit of jeans for you.

Big and Tall

Of course, big and tall jeans are available in different cuts, but they warrant a bit of discussion on their own. If you have ever been frustrated with the phrase “one size fits all,” you will be happy to know that at Lands’ End, we don’t believe in that. We think that all men deserve clothing that fits—we’ll help you figure out what that means for you.

You may be a guy who has worn big and tall sizes forever, but if you aren’t and have ever wondered if these might be a good option for you, start with your measurements, including height and weight, to find your best size. Our website has great information to guide you through this quick and easy process. Having your size figured out will give you a great starting place for finding just the right jeans for you.

Skinny Cut and Slim Cut

Skinny jeans aren’t just for women. Skinny-cut jeans for men are skinny from the top to the bottom. They also taper in a bit at the leg, too. Slim-cut jeans sit straighter on the hip and are slimmer through the thigh, and are narrower from the knee down than regular-cut jeans.

If your legs are naturally narrow, a skinny-cut or slim-cut pair of jeans may give you the comfy fit that you crave. Regular, relaxed, and loose cuts are still candidates, of course. Experiment and see what is the best overall fit for you and which cut makes you look and feel great.

Regular Cut and Relaxed Cut

Regular-cut jeans are cut straight all the way down from the hip to the thigh and the knee to the ankle. Relaxed jeans are designed to be nice and loose but not baggy. They’re a bit wider than regular-cut jeans for that extra comfy feel.

Regular-cut jeans are a good all-around choice for most guys. Relaxed-cut jeans can look a bit more casual depending upon exactly how your handsome frame is put together and what clothes you pair with them. A crisp men’s button-down shirt will dress up those jeans a bit, a T-shirt (even the nicest one) will keep them right at casual. Which you choose will depend on which you like better and where you are likely to wear them. Try on some different pairs and see how they feel. The right jeans should be comfy from the waist all the way to the ankle and should move with you.

Loose Cut

Loose-cut jeans are the widest cut available. They are designed to give you a roomy fit that borders on baggy but stops just short. If you have an average to big frame (or just love a super casual vibe), try on a pair of loose-cut jeans and see what you think. You probably won’t want loose-cut jeans if you feel like you’re swimming around in them, but if extra comfy is what you crave, make them one of your clothing candidates this season.

Regardless of what cuts of jeans you decide to try on, take a little time and model them in front of a full-length mirror. Make sure that they don’t pinch you or bunch up anywhere. Move around a bit to make sure they will be good “action jeans.” If you order your candidates online, you have the advantage of being able to try them on in your own home and with your favorite men’s T-shirts and men’s polo shirts. Think about where you are likely to wear them and how great you will feel walking into a room with them on.

Which jeans will fit you best depends on how you like your jeans to fit, so try on some options and find a great pair of jeans for you.


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