Men’s Guide on Dressing Casual

A Man’s Guide on How to Dress Casual

Everyone likes wearing something that they are comfortable in, but it can be challenging trying to find the right balance between dressing casually and still looking put together. So which pieces do you need in your closet to make it easier to dress casual and look good doing it? What are the best ways to style the items in your closet for an easy, put-together, casual look? Take a look at our men’s guide to dressing casual!

Prioritize Quality

The first thing you’ll want to do is prioritize the quality of the clothing you’re wearing. Especially when you’re dressing casually, it shows when you incorporate pieces made from good material. When you make the quality of your clothing a priority, not only will it help you to look more put together, but your clothing will last longer. So if there’s a particular shirt or pair of pants that you absolutely love, you can confidently know that they will last you a while.

Have the Right Jeans

Find a style of jeans that you feel comfortable in and get a few pairs for your wardrobe. Having a few pairs of men’s jeans that are easy to pair with other items in your closet is a simple way to throw together a casual look. Be sure to keep an eye out for jeans that fit you well. One major key to looking good in a casual outfit is incorporating pieces that are the right fit, so start with getting the right fit for your jeans.

Stock up on Chinos

Wanting to stay comfortable, but not wanting to wear jeans? Chinos are a fantastic pants option for casual men’s outfits. Whether you’re wearing a simple t-shirt or a button up, men’s chinos are easy to pair with just about any item from your closet, and will keep you feeling comfortable and looking good throughout the entire day.

Some Good, Casual T-Shirts

The ultimate casual piece of clothing is the t-shirt. How could we put together a guide on how to dress casually without talking about this classic item? Just like with your jeans, you’ll want to be sure to grab some men’s t-shirts that fit you well. Nothing too big or too small — find some in the right size so that you can look as good as possible in your casual outfit. If you can, stick to solid colors. This will help you look more mature and put together.

Work a Good Polo

Looking for something casual, but feeling like a t-shirt just won’t work? Polo shirts are a great way to maintain comfort in your casual outfits while still looking put together. Whether you’re going for short sleeves or long sleeves, find some men’s polos to include in your casual wardrobe for days, events or outings when you need something that is a step above a t-shirt.

Casual Button Down Styling

While many people don’t necessarily associate button up shirts with casual attire, there is certainly a way to style them for your casual outfits. Throw on a pair of your favorite jeans or a t-shirt, grab one of your men’s button down shirts, and leave the top button or two undone. Roll up the sleeves to your elbows and you’re good to go! If you’re looking for a way to amp up your casual outfit while still staying comfortable, this is a great way to go.

The Right Shoes

One easy way to tie your casual outfits together is to incorporate the right shoes. Invest in a few pairs of men’s shoes that you feel comfortable in and that you feel would be easily paired with the other items that you have in your closet. When it comes to casual shoes, a good pair of tennis shoes, some loafers, and even some boots will take you far. Diversify your shoe collection with some high-quality casual shoes.

How to Accessorize

Just because you’re dressing casually doesn’t mean that accessorizing is out of the question. Once you’re dressed, put on your favorite watch. If it’s chilly outside, throw on a casual jacket, a hat, and maybe even a scarf. It’s easy to look good while still maintaining a casual look, and incorporating the right accessories is a surefire way to nail down your ensemble.

We know that there will always be a time and place for dressing casually, and we firmly believe that you can look fantastic and put-together while still maintaining a casual, comfortable look. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your clothing helps you feel confident and comfortable. Fill your closet with casual pieces that help you accomplish this and you will always have the ability to look good.

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