Men's Graduation Outfit Ideas for May Outdoor Commencement

Men's Graduation Outfit Ideas for May Outdoor Commencement

With May fast approaching, graduation ceremonies are just around the corner. Many men are left wondering what to wear, whether they are the graduates themselves or attending the ceremony to support a loved one.

Things to Consider About the Ceremony

When preparing for a ceremony, consider the location and time of day. Outdoor ceremonies held in the afternoon may call for more casual attire, as the temperature may be warm and a blazer might be too stuffy. However, a polo shirt and button-up can offer both comfort and style. For indoor ceremonies taking place in a gym or auditorium, air conditioning is typically present, which allows for the option of wearing a jacket or even a suit.

Once you’ve narrowed down the location, what outfit will you wear? We have a few suggestions to keep you comfortable and stylish on the ceremony day.

Classic Suit and Dress Shoes

A well-fitted men's suit in a neutral color like black, navy, or grey will give you a timeless and classic look that is appropriate for the event. Men's dress shoes also add a touch of formality and help to elevate the outfit. Additionally, a suit is versatile and can be worn to other formal occasions in the future.

Linen Shirt and Chinos

Men's linen shirts paired with men's chinos are a great option for a graduation ceremony because they offer a more relaxed, casual yet stylish look. The lightweight and breathable fabric of the linen shirt allows air to flow freely, keeping you cool in warm weather. Pairing it with chinos, which are also made of comfortable and breathable material, gives you a look that is polished and put-together but not overly formal.

If you are the one graduating, opting for light and neutral colors such as off-white, beige, and light blue make you look crisp and fresh and are a good contrast to your graduation gown. Light and neutral colors are perfect for an outdoor graduation ceremony where the weather is expected to be warm and sunny.

Polo Shirt and Dress Pants

This combination is ideal for those who want to dress up for the occasion without feeling too constricted and is the perfect blend of casual and formal. Wearing a polo shirt and dress pants to a graduation ceremony is a great option when you want to be comfortable. This combination provides a perfect balance between a casual and formal look. The polo shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can be easily dressed up or down.

It can be paired with dress pants in a neutral color such as black, gray, or navy blue to maintain a polished look. Look for a polo shirt in a bright color to add some pop to your outfit.

Blazer and Khakis

This outfit is ideal for graduation ceremonies that require some formal dress but not full suits. Wearing a blazer and khakis is a great option for a graduation ceremony because it offers a dressy and sophisticated look without the formality of a full suit. A blazer adds a polished element that can easily transition your outfit from casual to dressy.

By pairing it with comfortable, relaxed, and versatile men’s khaki pants, you can stay comfortable throughout the day while still looking sharp. Dress shoes complement the look by giving a formal touch to the outfit.

Vest and Tie

A three-piece suit might be too formal for an outdoor commencement, but a vest and tie combination will still give you a polished look.

The advantage of wearing a vest is that it allows for breathing room yet gives you a structured appearance. You can also pair this outfit with accessories like pocket squares or lapel pins that add flair without taking away from the overall outfit.

Polo Shirt and Shorts

For a more casual but still stylish look, men's polo shirts (/article/ways-to-make-polo-shirts-look-chic/) with a pair of shorts make a great combination. Choose a polo shirt in a solid color or a subtle print, such as stripes or dots, and pair it with tailored shorts. Make sure the shorts are not too short and that they fit well. Complete the outfit with boat shoes or sneakers and some sunglasses so you can easily watch the outdoor ceremony.

Lightweight Jacket and Jeans

If the weather forecast indicates that it will be cooler on your graduation day, you can wear a lightweight jacket and jeans. Men's golf jackets or bomber jackets are great options because they are versatile and trendy. Combine the jacket with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt and a pair of straight-fit jeans in a dark wash or a light shade. Finish the outfit with sneakers or boots and a watch to keep track of time.

Choosing an outfit for a May outdoor commencement is about balancing style and comfort. Whether you prefer a classic suit, a smart-casual ensemble, a simple shirt and trousers combo, or a casual polo and shorts outfit, make sure you opt for light, breathable materials, and comfortable footwear.


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