Guide to Men’s Dressing From Age 30-50

Guide to Men’s Dressing From Age 30-50

A man’s wardrobe should shift and adjust as he gets older. Think about it- you wouldn’t wear the same things today that you wore in your early 20s. As your life and style change, so should the items in your closet. So what are the things a man in his 30s to 50s should be focusing on? What items should you keep on hand to dress well? Check out our guide to men’s dressing from age 30 to 50 for some pointers!

Prioritize Fit

The first key to looking great at any age is having clothing that fits well. Making this a priority is sure to help you look mature and put together. Make sure your clothing is neither tooo tight or too baggy. It may take a couple of tries, but once you find the size that fits you perfectly, make sure you’re stocking your closet with other items in that size.

Don’t Compromise Quality

Whether it’s a button down or a plain white t-shirt, you can tell the difference between something cheap and something high-quality. Whichever items you decide to buy, make sure you’re getting clothing that is made with quality materials. You’ll always look more put together when wearing clothing that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Have Good Accessories

One easy way to complete any outfit is to incorporate the right accessories. Have a watch on hand that can easily be worn with any outfit. A versatile scarf is perfect for those chilly days, as well as a good knit beanie.

Know How to Dress Casually

Dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re dressing to the nines every single day. There is definitely a way to dress casually and still look mature and put together. Swap out a t-shirt for a nice men’s polo, and your cargo shorts for a pair of slim men’s chinos. Grab your favorite sunglasses and you’re good to go!

Grooming Matters

Don’t think that all you need to do is have the right clothes in your closet. One of the major keys to dressing well and looking great in your 30s to 50s is implementing proper grooming. Find a way to style your hair properly. If you have a beard, maintain it well and invest in some beard oil. Prioritizing the little things adds up!

What Clothes to Have

So what are some must-have items that every man in his 30s to 50s should have in his closet? While things such as old graphic tees and ripped up jeans are a no-go, there are a few items that every man should have on hand in order to put together great ensembles.

Well-Fitting Pants

Have a few pairs of pants that fit you well. We talked earlier about how important it is to have items in your wardrobe that fit well - you don’t want anything too tight or too baggy. From a good pair of men’s jeans to dress slacks to a good pair of khaki pants, make sure you have an assortment of pants that have a good fit and are easily paired with other items in your closet.

Good Button Down Shirts

Everyone looks great in a good button down shirt. Getting a few high-quality men’s button down shirts in a variety of colors, especially white and blue, will add a seamless level of maturity to your wardrobe, making it easy for you to put together a good outfit that will be fitting for any occasion.

The Right Shoes

There is a time and a place for those old tennis shoes, but they should not be the only pair of shoes you keep on hand. Get a good pair of dress shoes for work and special occasions. A pair of high quality men’s boots are versatile and add a certain level of style that is hard to accomplish otherwise. A handful of good pairs of shoes will add range and maturity to your wardrobe, and you’ll be happy to have them on hand!

A Good Cardigan

Whether you’re braving the colder days of winter or your office is a little chilly, it’s good to have a good cardigan on hand. Get a nice men’s cardigan sweater in a neutral color that you feel will go well with the other items that you have in your closet. Incorporating layers, when done well, is always a good way to elevate your outfits.

Choose What You’re Comfortable In

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothing you’re wearing. Choose items that help you to maintain that comfort and that instill a sense of confidence in you.

When it comes to dressing your age, there are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to look your best. Find items that don’t compromise on fit or quality, and fill your closet with items that will help you feel both mature and confident as you get ready for the day!


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