Men’s Clothing That Women Can Borrow

Expand your fashion possibilities by borrowing from his closet. There are plenty of men’s shirts and jackets that women can comfortably wear. In addition, there are unisex pieces that work for everyone. In this article, you’ll find our favorite men’s apparel that women can borrow.


A good cotton T-shirt is a must-have for everyone. Men’s T-shirts come in super-soft fabrics like Supima cotton, which is grown in the USA and represents under 5% of domestic cotton production. It has a long-staple fiber with twice the strength of regular cotton, and it retains its color through many launderings.

When it comes to men’s T-shirt styles, your guy is likely to have one or more solid-color tees in his closet. Men’s graphic tees are also popular and perfect for borrowing. They make great gifts for men, whether you’re buying for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary—and you can wear them, too.

Men’s T-shirts are comfortable and breathable. On the same note, any men’s cotton top style can be a comfortable option for you to wear. Wear one with women’s pajama pants for a lounge-day look, or pair a roomy men’s tee with skinny jeans for a casual look that’s on-trend and well-balanced.

Button-Down Shirts

There are versatile ways to wear men’s button-down shirts. Wear a men’s button-down Oxford over leggings for another balanced outfit that goes with sandals, sneakers, or even heels. Men’s buttoned shirts layer well over capri pants, and they’re a cozy choice with elastic-waist shorts.

Button-down shirts for men come in casual and dressy styles. The aforementioned Oxford is a classic dress shirt that you can wear with a skirt, slacks, or jeans. A lightweight cotton buttoned shirt with a plaid print goes well with jeggings; you can layer it over a tank top and leave it unbuttoned or partially buttoned for a casual’ 90s-inspired look.

Another way to wear a men’s button-down on a hot day is to tie it at the waist. Pair it with high-waisted capris or pants for a look that’s both modern and retro. For modesty, you can layer a light tank top under the button-down since the tied ends still look cute. Plus, you can coordinate the tank color with the men’s shirt.


Men’s blazers and sport jackets are also easily adaptable into a woman’s wardrobe or unisex wardrobe. Blazers impart an elegant vibe to corduroy leggings, or you can wear them over slacks for a menswear-inspired look that’s dressy enough for the office. Men’s blazers can also be paired with skirts, whether you’re wearing a midi skirt or a long one. Pencil skirts and blazers are another office-ready outfit combination with a slightly retro vibe.

Even if your guy’s blazer is larger than what you’d usually wear, you can make it work. Wear it over a fitted tee or tank with boyfriend jeans or skinnies. Accessorize with hoop earrings or a stack of bold bangles, and slip on a pair of heels for a trendy streetwear style.


Sweatshirts are a unisex apparel favorite—especially the hoodie style. Men’s hoodies come in pullover and zippered styles, and some are lined with sherpa for a plush feel. They’re often crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester for the best features of both fabrics, and most have pockets to warm your hands or carry small items.

There’s little that doesn’t go with a men’s hoodie. You can layer one over your favorite women’s T-shirt or another type of top for toasty warmth. They pair well with athletic shorts and pants, or you can wear a men’s hoodie over denim. Hoodies are so versatile that there really aren’t any rules. Slip one over a jean skirt with boots or impart a casual vibe to any summer dress by layering a hoodie on top.

Fleece Jackets

Similar to the hoodie are men’s fleece jackets. They’re comfy to wrap up in, and they come in zippered and pullover styles. These versatile pieces aren’t just for fall and winter, so don’t pack them away when warm weather arrives. You can wear one of these classic outerwear pieces around the house when the air conditioning feels frosty or on a cool night while you’re sitting outside. They go with everything from casual women’s dresses to jeans, and they’re machine washable for easy care.

Accessorizing Men’s Clothing

Although you don’t need to accessorize when you borrow men’s clothes, it can be a fun thing to do. Take the fashion appeal up a notch by wearing classic pearls with a men’s flannel shirt, or as mentioned before, add impact with bold, attention-getting accessories like bracelet stacks and oversize earrings.

Women’s shoes can also serve as an accessory for men’s clothing. Slides and loafers have a versatile, elegant look that goes with everything, while ballet flats and heels impart a contrasting, on-trend touch to any menswear-based outfit.

When you’re not sure what to wear, browse his closet for one of the above pieces. You might also find other men’s clothing that you can adapt to your own wardrobe.


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