Men's Big and Tall Swimwear Styles You Need This Summer

Men's Big and Tall Swimwear Styles You Need This Summer

Summer is a time to let loose and have fun, and no time should be wasted worrying about how an ill-fitted swimsuit looks on your body. When the way that it fits is wrong, everything is wrong. For big and tall men, it can be even harder to find the right swimwear that meets your needs, as extra length and width are crucial to the silhouette. In the past, big and tall swimwear has meant baggy: swim trunks that are just bigger that don't fit well and oversized shirts that hang off your body, essentially drowning you in your own swimwear. It doesn't have to be this way. Say goodbye to sacrificing style and fit to get your time in the sun. This summer, it's all about the big and tall styles that will have you feeling and looking great all season long.

The Right Length for You

Instead of settling for whatever the biggest, baggiest size offered at your store is, find the right fit and length for you. These days, big and tall doesn't mean settling for the only option that is offered, so you don't have to opt for the men's big and tall swim trunks that end up past your knees. In various lengths, from 6" inseam to 9", you can choose the right size for your body. For extra-long coverage, go with a longer length to protect your skin from sun exposure and fit your lengthy build, but you don't have to wear extra-long leg length just because you're long and tall. Try on a few different options and see which length feels best. You could even buy more than one length for various swim occasions and choose your suit based on how you feel. The options are vastly more inclusive than they used to be so you can have it all no matter your body type.

Short or Long Sleeve Rash Guards

Being big and tall shouldn't automatically mean covering up your body, but if you want the extra coverage and sun support, a big and tall men's rash guard is the perfect choice! Available in short- and long-sleeve lengths for big and tall sizes, rash guards give total chest and torso coverage and pair great with swim trunks and board shorts. You can go for as loose-fitting or form-fitting as you're comfortable with while not having to just go with the biggest size available that hangs off your body and doesn't fit right. Comfort is key, and a rash guard can give you the extra support you need to look and feel good in the water this summer.

Fun-patterned Trunks

In the old days, the big and tall options for swim trunks and board shorts were limited. It was hard enough to find a suit that fit, let alone fit right and match your personal style. Thankfully, the times have changed, and big and tall men now have the choice to style their suits however it fits their personality. In various colors, patterns, and prints, big and tall swimwear now has the same versatility that regular sizing offers. Don't settle for a boring black suit that provides the right fit but no pizazz. Instead, choose the pattern that matches your personality best. Florals, fruits, and stripes are just a few of the fun prints available now for big and tall men. Once you've found the inseam length and cut that's right for your body, then you can find the perfect pattern. Don't be afraid to show off your personality and style with bold prints, you can wear whatever feels good and feels like you. There's no reason to hold back on fun summer styles anymore when the fitting options are unlimited.

Extra-large Beach Towels

When you're a big and tall man, you shouldn't have to settle for a teeny tiny standard sized beach towel. Everybody deserves the optimal beach day experience. Laying your towel out on the sand or a lounge chair only to have your feet hang off the end is not the ideal way to relax on the beach. Sand in your toes should be a choice, not what you're forced into. As a big and tall man, you want a towel that gives you the coverage you need and doesn't leave you out to dry. With people of all shapes and sizes, the beach towels should be just as diverse. Go for a towel that spreads out longer and wider for more space to relax. With endless patterns and styles, you can find a towel that's as unique and fun as you are. Match the colors to your swim trunks, or go for a contrasting style. Whatever you decide looks-wise, you'll be fully satisfied with a personalized towel that gives you everything you need for a long, happy day on the beach. So stretch out in the sun and catch some rays!

The summer will be as great as you make it, and with these tips, big and tall men will have their best summer ever. Emphasize style and comfort and go past settling for boring swimwear! You're worth it.


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