Playful Memorial Day Weekend Outfit Options for the Whole Family

Playful Memorial Day Weekend Outfit Options for the Whole Family

Memorial Day provides families the opportunity to honor the country’s heroes, relax, spend quality time with each other, and make special memories that are destined to last a lifetime. No matter what you have on your itinerary, you’ll want to be extra comfortable if you’re planning to spend your time outside. Since the holiday falls at the end of May, temperatures are heating up and it’s likely to feel downright summery in some areas.

That means it’s just about the right time of year to break out the shorts and T-shirts, the capri pants and tank tops, the dresses, and the sandals. Check out these ideas for everyone in the family; there are plenty of great options available that are sure to keep them cool while enjoying an outdoor meal, attending a parade, or entertaining loved ones in the backyard.

It’s Shorts Season

Temperatures are spiking, and that means one thing: It’s shorts season! Men and women alike can find all kinds of styles to meet their comfort and modesty needs, from shorter lengths perfect for those especially hot days to long shorts that provide a touch of extra length without sacrificing the cool comfort you need when it’s warm outside.

Bermuda shorts, terry shorts, and pull-on shorts all make the grade for kids who are running around in the backyard playing, flying kites at the park, or enjoying a picnic in a field. They’re available in a variety of prints and colors, including lighter shades that are great for keeping them cool by reflecting heat from the sun. Pairing shorts with a lightweight tee or tank top and a pair of sandals is the perfect solution if you plan to spend a few hours outside.

Dress It Up

Whether you’re hosting a company and want to wear something a little more pulled together or are going to a special event honoring the nation’s heroes, you may have good reason to wear a cotton summer dress on Memorial Day weekend. Available in a variety of styles and patterns, they promise to keep you cool and comfortable.

Opt for a sleeveless look when you want something you can easily throw on and go. If you want a little extra length but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort on what’s bound to be a steamy day, try a maxi dress. You can dress them up a little more with a statement necklace or pull your hair back and put on some eye-catching hoops. If it’s surprisingly not as warm as you thought it would be, you’ve got options—toss a light cardigan on over your dress or try a seersucker shirt dress with long sleeves.

Top It Off

For everyone in the family, a selection of laid-back tops is a must for the summer season. When Memorial Day weekend arrives, you’ll want something that’s lightweight and easy to pair with warm-weather basics, from skorts and shorts to cropped pants and skirts. Breezy tunics are ideal when you’re wearing something more fitted on the bottom, like capri pants or bike shorts.

Guys can opt for everything from polo shirts to T-shirts because they’re especially versatile. They look great with baggy Bermuda shorts, are right at home with chinos, and pair well with joggers. No matter what he prefers to wear during the holiday weekend, he can easily create a variety of different looks that are as comfortable as they are flattering.

That Extra Layer

No, you probably won’t need a jacket and you definitely won’t need a coat in May. But there’s always a chance that summer weather won’t make its grand appearance until a few weeks later. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to stash a light layering piece in your bag or your car’s trunk. Kids can wrap a hoodie or sweatshirt around their waist if they don’t feel like wearing it—they’ll be grateful it’s there when the wind picks up.

Meanwhile, an airy cotton cardigan is a great choice for those days that don’t really call for warmth but instead for added comfort. You never know when a light breeze might bring temperatures down just a touch. If you’re attending a parade or enjoying a picnic, these light cardigans are perfect because you can easily toss one into your tote bag or drape it over your shoulders.

No matter what’s on your itinerary this Memorial Day weekend, make sure the entire family is ready with a variety of clothes that are perfect for the warmer weather. Some days might be a little cooler, though, so don’t forget to add a light layer or two in case you and the kids need that extra dose of comfort. With the right clothes, everyone will feel as great as they look—so you can all focus on spending quality time with each other and enjoying those memorable moments.


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