How to Rock Maximalism Style in Your Home Décor

How to Rock Maximalism Style in Your Home Décor

If ever there was an aesthetic that was decidedly easy to master, it’s maximalism. This “anything goes” look redefines what it means to take a fresh approach to design. The antithesis of the all-things-cozy-and-comfy mindset that defined minimalist homes for years, maximalism takes a louder, brasher, and more fearless approach. But don’t mistake that for messy or cluttered, either. Just because anything goes doesn’t mean everything goes.

At a bare minimum, you’ll need to focus on a few key details to make this look a reality. Color plays a starring role — there’s no room to be timid when you can flaunt all the jewel tones and vibrant hues you want. There’s also a nod towards personalization in a maximalist space. It’s all about you: your favorite textures, tones, and accents. So what does your dream home look like? Does it feature vibrant throw pillows and interesting area rugs? Are the walls laden with artwork? All of these elements can be integral to the look. Here’s how to make it your own.

Focus on Graphic Accents

Bright colors are sure to be a part of a maximalist room but don’t overlook the impact that a pattern can have, too. They serve as focal points, especially when they’re interspersed with contrasting and complementary shades throughout the room. For example, a wild animal-print rug looks even bolder and more outrageous when adding a neon accent table. Highlighter yellow? Electric blue? Regal purple? They all look surprisingly just right when you put it all together.

The key is to focus on scale. You need to achieve some sense of balance throughout the space to make opposing elements work well together. The beauty of starting with a busy area rug is that it serves as an anchor for the space, making it easier for you to work your way up and select the right furnishings. From there, make your way outward by focusing on other details in the room. Everything from the table lamp to the seagrass baskets on the floor can fit into the equation, so long as they’re harmonious with one another.

Have Fun with Artwork

Artwork of all kinds can have a dramatic effect on a maximalist room. The advantage of framed artwork is that there are no rules where it’s concerned. You can dedicate an entire wall full of different images. Now is the chance to create an entire gallery full of mixed styles. A touch of modern here and a splash of classic there can have a visually pleasing effect on the room overall.

Remember that color is key in a maximalist room, so aim to choose brighter shades overall. Pop art serves as great inspiration for the type of look you may want to achieve — deeply saturated hues, whether on paintings or posters, bring the entire room to life in an interesting way. Of course, no rule says anything has to match, either. So what if the images on the wall don’t complement the fleece throw strewn on the couch? This is part of the charm of an authentically maximalist look.

Mix Up Your Moods

Mood ties into the personalized impact of the room. What’s your style preference overall? Do you prefer to take a more laid-back approach? Are you all about clean lines and no-fuss décor? Got a thing for boho chic or country influence? There’s room for everything in a room where maximalism is your desired effect. Mixing styles is the key, making it possible to achieve the sense of fearlessness that closely defines this trendy home décor style.

As for how to make it work, it might be easier than you think. First, indulge in your taste for traditional style by adding some humble, down-to-earth furnishings to the space — a neutral couch with a few floral throw pillows exudes a decidedly old-world quality. Still, the graphic rug beneath it coupled with the wildly patterned walls and the show-stopping artwork shake it up. The idea isn’t to drown out any one style but to honor different looks in a space that best reflects your various favored aesthetics.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

While you may associate comfort with minimalism, focusing on it in a maximalist room is just as important. Your aim should be to create a space that resonates with you on a personal level — and you can do that most easily when there are warm, welcoming details throughout that connect with you in some way.

Maybe it’s the stack of books set on the coffee table or the personalized throw blanket on the couch. There’s room in a maximalist room for the plushest throw pillows around and the fuzziest rugs imaginable. Keep in mind the comfort factor because it’s ultimately what will make your maximalist space as approachable and inviting as possible.

With the right details, you can create a room that reflects every facet of your décor tastes. There’s an underlying sense of adventure about maximalism, so it’s important to approach the project with an open mind. The more you visualize, the easier it will be to design a space that you truly love.

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