Taking Your Maxi Dresses from Summer to Fall

Taking Your Maxi Dresses from Summer to Fall

We can’t get enough of maxi dresses, and we’re guessing you can’t either. They’re comfy, feminine, flattering, versatile and you don’t have to worry about shaving. Can we get an amen, ladies? These reasons and more are why maxi dresses have become a closet staple for most women. 

But perhaps our favorite feature of this floor-length fashion piece is that it can work for every season and occasion. From spring to fall, from work to the weekend and from weddings to weekday shopping, maxi dresses are a practical phenomenon for us ladies. Here are our simple tips to stretch your favorite maxi dresses for women from summer to fall.

Add Layers

Layered looks are the most functional looks for fall. As the temperatures drop, or when you’ve got hot afternoons but cool mornings and evenings, light layers keep you warm. Moreover, they are easy to take off when you start getting too hot. Here are easy and stylish ways to layer your maxi dresses for fall:

  • Jackets Jean jackets are as versatile as maxi dresses. They add the perfect amount of warmth and can go with just about any dress. A black leather jacket also looks superb with a fun printed maxi dress.
  • Cardigans – Most loose-fitting women’s cardigans, like knitted, draped or cashmere, work with maxi dresses when transitioning to the cooler seasons.
  • Blazers – Dress to impress a new client or a first date with a blazer. The key here is to say yes to neutral colors and to say no to boxy blazers.
  • Turtlenecks – Layer lightweight mock turtlenecks under sleeveless maxi dresses to warm up summer styles for fall.
  • Chambray Shirts – Put a knotted chambray shirt over a maxi dress. This one item gives your dress a whole new look.

Pair with Neutrals

Another tip to refashion your maxi dresses for fall is to balance out a dress’s bold summer hues with neutral tones. Pair a cream-colored jacket with a yellow and green floral maxi dress or add shades of grey to hats, sweaters and suede booties to tone down a pink dress.

Incorporate Deeper, Warmer-Toned Colors

If you prefer color to neutrals, add a few pops of darker hues from the fall color palette. Olive green, forest green, burgundy, wine, plum, mustard, marigold, and amber are some of the colors that radiate the nostalgic warmth of autumn. Bringing any of these fall-appropriate colors into your outfit with jewelry, women’s scarves, a velvet headband, handbags, and a jacket will instantly add a fall touch to your otherwise summer look.

Swap Sandals for Closed-Toe Shoes

Most women’s summer go-to shoes with a maxi dress is sandals. When it comes to fall fashion, keep the maxi but swap the sandals for flats or boots. 

If you’re in that semi-awkward transitional period, where it’s officially autumn but temperatures are still in the 70s or 80s, slip into fall flats. There are mules and ankle-strap flats, but we’re partial to mules. They’re casual enough for everyday wear but still chic and stylish enough for work and church. Plus, you can get a cute, heeled mule if you need some extra height to help your dress fall at the right length. If you’re knee-deep into apple cinnamon candles and pumpkin spice lattes, then pull out your boots. Ankle and knee-high boots are both acceptable with maxi dresses, but considering the length of this dress style, just remember that you won’t be seeing too much of the boots. Or, you can always go for a cool, laid-back style by wearing sneakers with a petite maxi dress.

Finish Your Look with Fall Accessories

One of the easiest ways to make a maxi dress cold-weather appropriate is by adding a scarf. And there’s only one rule to follow here: wear a solid-colored scarf if your dress is printed and wear a printed scarf if your dress is a solid color. Felt fedoras and wide-brimmed hats are other fun fall accessories. And then there’s always jewelry and belts. If you’re wearing a cozy cashmere cardigan over a black maxi dress, add a little funky-fall fun to your outfit with a chunky, gold-chain necklace and black combat boots. If you’re needing a more refined style for the office, put on a structured blazer and a skinny belt to cinch your waist.

We know it’s not easy letting go of the simplicity of dressing for summer. It doesn’t get much easier than throwing on a maxi dress and sandals, does it? But, as you can see, not much effort is required to transition your favorite summer maxi dresses to fall. Whether it’s grabbing a denim jacket or a shawl scarf and mules, you’ll be ready for that Friday night football game or getting lost in a corn maze. We can almost feel the crisp autumn breeze and taste all things pumpkin-flavored by just thinking about all of these cute fall looks!

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