Matching Swimwear for the Whole Family: Tips and Ideas for an Orlando Spring Break

Matching Swimwear for the Whole Family: Tips and Ideas for an Orlando Spring Break

The most popular place for coordinating a whole family’s outfits may well be on a family Christmas card — or at least that seems to us to be the case, judging from the 50 or so cards we’ve got on our mantelpiece and refrigerator every December. But this needn’t be your only opportunity to coordinate the whole family’s looks in a playful, lighthearted way! The beach makes just as great a setting as a holiday card for whole-family outfitting. Read on to find out the how-tos that’ll help you pull off the look and have fun doing it!

Practicality Makes Perfect

First, let’s talk about the utility of dressing the whole fam in matching family swimwear (we’re nothing if not pragmatists here at Lands’ End!). You’ll easily be able to spot your little ones in the pool, ocean, or lake if you dress them all in the same neon-hued suit. And they’ll be just as easily able to spot you, even if they’re in the water while you’re watching them swim from atop a beach blanket on the sandy shore! This can be reassuring for kids and grown-ups alike (what parent among us hasn’t known the anxiety of looking around the playground for your child only to spot them a few seconds later than you might have thought you would? And it’s nice for children to be able to find Mom or Dad — or Grandma or Auntie or the babysitter — easily).

You’ve Got Your Mom’s Eyes! ...And Swimsuit.

Often, members of a nuclear family look alike — perhaps you and your kids have the same sandy blonde hair and green eyes, or your three sons look so similar that they’re often mistaken for triplets. If that’s the case in your family, it saves time and energy to outfit the whole family in the same color or print — if Mom (or Dad) looks great in that hue or pattern, so will the kiddos! Since we all know kids can get squirmy or impatient during errands and shopping (and we get it! After all, as current grown-ups, we’re former children ourselves!), picking out the boys’ swimsuits and girls’ swimsuits that match Mom’s — which can then be shopped for without the children in tow, or even better, ordered online or from a catalog — can save every member of the family some crankiness and leave more time for fun in the sun!

One Less Errand for Your Family Members

Husbands and boyfriends, too, can be notorious for their dislike of shopping (some men love shopping! But others — not so much). When you pick out the suit that works for you, choose a matching suit for hubby and the kids, and the family members who care for shopping the least may not have to go shopping at all. A win-win if you ask us! And this helps with labor-sharing, too. Perhaps this year, one parent (let’s say Mom) can choose a swimsuit she likes and take care of ordering a matching men’s swimsuit and kids’ swimsuits to get the whole family ready for some quality time at the beach or pool — and next year Dad (or Mom #2 — we celebrate and embrace all kinds of families here at Lands’ End!) can pick out a suit he/she likes, then order matching suits for the other parent and the children (if you’re a family with kids). If you’re a family without kids, your matching swimsuit procurement process just got even easier (there are only two suits to worry about!), and the coordinating swimwear look is just as cute on child-free families as it is on really big (think “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” big) families.

One-Stop Shopping

Lands’ End suits are a sensible, hassle-free choice for whole-family swimwear outfitting because we carry something for everyone — every age, every shape, every size, and every body! If you’ve got a teen, a toddler, a long-torsoed second-grader, a fifth grader who’s petite for her age, a plus-sized hubby, and a baby on the way (you’re six months pregnant), fear not — you can buy everyone’s swimsuits in one place (yes, really!) when you shop with Lands’ End. No matter which swim retailer you choose to get your family’s suits from, you’ll save time, energy, and sanity getting them all from one place. You might even save some cash, too — when ordering online, many retailers offer free shipping when a customer’s spend surpasses a certain dollar amount. Ordering only one swimsuit from a specific website might not qualify you for free shipping, but ordering two or three or six is far more likely to.

Multitask Like a Pro — With Matching Swimwear

Lastly, you don’t have to choose between spring matching outfits on the family’s holiday card and wearing them on the beach — you can have both (and efficiently, too!) by snapping a photo of the fam on the beach in your matching swim gear during your next beach day or vacay. Kids tend to look more naturally happy (think: great photos!) during spring break or summer vacation than they do wearing itchy sweaters during tedious shoots in a portrait studio. No more stressing about outfitting, planning, and paying for a family portrait session (and trying to pull it all off in time for cards to arrive before Christmas Eve!) — just wear your matching swimwear to have fun in the sun on a balmy day, and snap away! You’ll look coordinated, cute, and, most of all, smiley. And the future you — the you who’s going to be enjoying the holiday season, no doubt, but who’ll probably also have a December to-do list as long as Santa’s — will thank you too!


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