Matching Outfit Ideas for You and Your Dog

4 Matching Outfit Ideas for You and Your Dog

Your dog is your best friend. You two go everywhere together — to the park, to your local hiking trails, to the cafe down the street, and maybe even to your office. Shouldn’t you two make a grand entrance wherever you go? It's time to show everyone who the top dogs in town are with matching outfits.

Dressing like your dog, or dressing your dog like you, doesn't have to be kitschy. In fact, with the right ‘fits, you can both look runway chic in no time flat. We’ve got plenty of ideas to fit any breed of dog, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Read on for four matching outfit ideas that will have every human and their furry best friend paw-sitively jealous.

Stylish Bandanas

No dog wardrobe is complete without a selection of bandanas perfect for any occasion. This accessory is so easy and fun to throw on around your dog’s neck that you simply must have a whole variety, from polka dots to camo to leopard print for everyday wear. Then, of course, there are seasonal prints like stars and stripes, candy corn, and holly, too. Bandanas will look just as great on you, and it's a subtle way to connect your outfits even if your dog isn’t keen on clothing or simply has too much fur (looking at you, Samoyeds).

How should you style your bandana? You can tie it around your head as a cute headband, around your ponytail, around your neck, or even around your leash handle or that extra large canvas tote bag you carry around just in case Muffin's legs get too tired and she needs a lift.

If bandanas aren’t quite your style, you can still match with Spot. Simply purchase a fashion scarf or scrunchie in the same pattern.

Cozy Hoodies

The hoodie is the ultimate matching look for you and your pooch that’s comfy and casual yet still oh-so-cool. Dogs with short fur especially will love chilling out in a hoodie made just for them. Choose from so many different styles of dog hoodies to go with your personal style. For a Saturday night in front of the TV, try a camo hoodie combo. For a Sunday afternoon brunch followed by a stroll in the park, try color block hoodies. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with hoodies in your favorite solid color. Whatever style you choose, your pooch and you will be strutting your stuff at the dog park very soon.

Seasonal Sweaters

When there is a chill in the air or snow is in the forecast, it’s time to cozy up next to the fire with your furry friend in your favorite seasonal sweaters. You can keep it casual with matching sweaters in a bold color that looks striking against their fur, or you can opt for a pattern like chevrons or stripes.

You and your dog will be the life of any holiday party when you pull out the turtlenecks (a must if you have a Greyhound or Whippet), or even matching Christmas sweaters complete with reindeer or Santa emblazoned on the back. Every dog looks great in a classic Christmas sweater, from boxers to pitties to poodles. Such a sweater combo is just begging for you to stop by your local Santa Paws event for a commemorative photo.

Comfy Matching Jackets

Early morning walks call for matching jackets that keep you both comfortable in any weather condition, from sleet and snow to heat and sun. Be prepared with a fleece jacket for the fall and a rain jacket for the spring. For winter, you can go all out with a dog winter jacket to match your fur-trimmed down coat. This option provides a little extra warmth and style that you'll both appreciate when the weather turns nippy. You can even go the extra mile and get a personalized dog jacket for your four-legged friend and a monogrammed jacket for you. Don’t forget the coordinating booties to protect their delicate paws from the salt and ice!

Now that you have four amazing matching outfit ideas for you and your dog, it’s time to debut your new matching looks to the world. Everyone at the dog park (or in your social media feed) will know right away that you two are paw pals for life.


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