How to Match Your Mask to Your Holiday Outfit

How to Match Your Mask to Your Holiday Outfit

It’s definitely a sign of the times. Once, you were all about coordinating your shoes with your holiday outfit. That still matters, but today it’s just as important to make sure that your women’s face mask fits in with the rest of your look. Clashing colors and prints just won’t do — especially not when there are so many styles available out there. Basically, there’s a face mask for everyone.

And considering it’s something that you’ll want to wear whenever you’re out in public, you might want to figure out how to integrate it more seamlessly into your wardrobe. Coordinating your mask with your more festive outfits is a way to make mask-wearing more of a style-conscious pursuit. Of course, you’ll never sacrifice your safety in the interest of fashion, which makes these tips for holiday partying all the more practical. Here are a few to keep in mind as you start planning your looks for the season’s festivities.

Keep Things in the Family

You can never go wrong with a mask that matches your tunic top or sweater if it’s a more casual gathering. Pairing green with green or red with red is perfectly reasonable and looks flawless and completely holiday-worthy. The mask has the innate ability to pull your entire look together, whether you’re wearing jeans, pants, or leggings on the bottom.

You don’t have to make it an exact match, though. Have a little fun with the look by staying within the same color family but choosing different variations of the same shade. A lighter red mask is perfectly flattering with a deep red top, for example. Turquoise and light blue look great with one another. Have some fun building different looks around your favorite hues so you’ll always have a combination to wear every day of the week.

Play With Different Prints

If you’re all about taking fashion risks, don’t overlook the appeal of pairing one print with another print for a completely fresh and unexpected look. There’s a way to pull this off without having it appear too hodgepodge, however. If there’s a busy print somewhere in your mix — a heavily patterned floral jersey dress, for example — then make sure that serves as your outfit’s main focus.

In other words, try not to choose prints that compete with one another for attention. A mask adorned with Christmas trees and polka dots may look a little confusing with the botanical-print blouse you’re wearing to the tropical-themed holiday party. But you could easily pair that blouse with a ditsy-print mask showcasing smaller flowers. Think about the scope of the prints, too. Small blossoms complement larger-scale flowers nicely, creating a fresh and cohesive look from top to bottom.

Add a Pop of Color

Those neutral ensembles won’t know what hit them when you add a vibrant face mask to the mix. Whether it’s the subdued knit dresses or the prim blouses and pressed trousers you only wear to office parties and more reserved settings, you might be able to get away with livening things up just a touch with a contrasting face mask.

Simple outfits benefit from just a little pop, so think about how you can make that happen in a way that’s acceptable for the environment. If you’re at a work party, you might not be able to get away with anything too wildly flamboyant if there’s some chance your company has implemented a “mask code.” But you can still choose a shade that contrasts the neutral colors of your outfit. Look for little additions that make it more eye-catching, like a subtle sparkle or a low-profile print featuring little stars or flowers. It’s an easy way to make understated outfits look a little more colorful for the season.

Highlight the Holiday Theme

It’s the holiday season, which means you have every reason to go all out and have a little fun playing with your look. If you’re wearing a colorful Christmas sweater adorned in all of the festive shades of the season, that’s reason enough to match it with a mask that expresses that same sense of fun and festivity.

For example, you could try a mask with a little glimmer to sparkle your way through the party. Or select a mask that goes all out in its celebration of the season. Look for fun artwork, like snowmen, snowflakes, sleds, mugs of hot chocolate, piles of presents, and Santa and his elves. You won’t wear these designs at any other time of the year, and it’s a more relaxed party that finds you hanging out with friends outside for a light bite, or even a virtual party where everyone is dressed in their understated best, you’ll feel completely comfortable rocking your Christmas look to perfection.

The holiday season is a great time of year to experiment with different looks and let your guard down a little bit. When you head out in your mask, have some fun planning coordinating outfits that are certain to put you in that festive frame of mind.


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