Matching Family Pajamas That Will Make Your Christmas Card a Hit

Matching Family Pajamas That Will Make Your Christmas Card a Hit

When it comes to the holidays, few gifts bring as many smiles as fun and lighthearted matching family pajamas. We've all seen the Christmas cards that go out each year of a family decked in fun and festive Christmas pajamas in front of their tree or mantel. As corny and cute as these photos are, we can't get enough of them! When you're ready to up your holiday game with some seasonal swag, we've got the ultimate guide for creating the best Christmas card of the year.

When choosing matching family pajamas for the holidays, there's a lot to take in, and at times it can be hard to please everyone. Luckily, there are many different designs and cuts, so everyone in your family or friend group can flex their own little style while still keeping with the theme. Before making any other arrangements, make a list of everyone who will be featured in your Christmas card, and have a general idea of their sizes and the types of pajamas that suit them most, whether it be a shirt dress or boxers. Part of the beauty of gifting matching family pajamas over the holiday season is that everyone will be included, making them a fun and friendly gesture to kick off the holidays.

Choosing the Perfect Matching Family Pajamas

With your list in tow, it's time to choose the perfect matching family pajamas for everyone in your crew! There are so many different varieties and styles of matching family pajamas to choose from, including everything from festive flannel plaid pajamas to pajama sets adorned with Christmas trees. You can decide just how seasonal you want your holiday card to be, and whether your family and friends will be wearing their holiday pajamas year-round or just during the season. Once you've chosen a fun pattern, you can start choosing the perfect pajama style for everyone on your Christmas card. With styles from women's pajamas to pajamas for boys, there are options the whole family can wear and still feel comfortable.

When choosing the perfect matching family pajamas, take into account everyone's personal style. For example, if you know that your son likes to wear shorts to bed, then opt for a pair of boxers and a T-shirt. If your daughter-in-law likes to wear dresses to bed, opt for a nightgown. Additionally, if you want to add an extra special touch to family pajamas, add a customized monogram or embroidered name to the pajamas to show that you've made that little bit of extra effort and care.

How to Gift Family Christmas Pajamas this Holiday Season

When it comes to gifting family Christmas pajamas, consider a time when everyone is together. For optimum effect, you'll want everyone opening their packages in one place, all together. This is a fun moment when everyone will giggle and remember it fondly in the future. A good time to gift family Christmas pajamas is on Christmas Eve so family and any guests can wear their jammies to bed, or bright and early in the morning as one of the first unwrappings, so that everyone can change into their new matching pajamas. This really sets the tone for Christmas Day and puts everyone in a great mood right off the bat. Be sure that everyone in attendance is receiving a pair of pajamas, otherwise, if you have one person left out, you're likely to offend or upset them. Remember, it is best to include everyone.

Taking the Perfect Christmas Card Photo in Matching Family Pajamas

Now it's action time! When it comes to taking the perfect Christmas photo, set up a festive backdrop in advance, whether it be a decked-out Christmas tree or a dressed mantel with stockings and decorations. Have everyone in your party gather once they are dressed and arrange the tallest guests to kneel or stand in the back, while shorter guests or children sit or stand in front. This creates a multi-dimensional image where everyone is at different heights. Additionally, lighting is important — make sure that you are not backlit, as this creates a bad shadow in the photo and will wipe out the details of people's faces. Look for a setting or place to take the photo where faces are illuminated with natural light. Add fun and festive accessories or photo props like Santa hats or ornaments as an extra thoughtful accent. Taking photos as a group can be difficult, and you'll want to include everyone, so practice a few times taking the photo on a self-timer. Set the camera or phone up where you would like the photo to be, and then race back to your space in the arrangement to capture an all-inclusive holiday photo.

How to Make Your Christmas Card

When it comes to making your Christmas card, there are several options and plenty of inspiration to pull from. Many scrapbookers and DIY lovers enjoy putting their Christmas cards together by hand, adding 3D decorations like bows and bells to the cards for extra dimension and special touches. However, it's easy to send your Christmas photo into a printer online or have it printed at your local print shop as a postcard or holiday card. You simply choose the cardstock and image quality, and the rest is taken care of for you. Write a special message on each of your cards and send it out the next year as a holiday gesture that is sure to be well-loved!

Family Christmas pajamas are a fun tradition that can be done every year to create a lifetime of fond memories for the whole family.


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