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Family matters: matching pajamas for your family reunion

Wearing a set of matching family pajamas sets the tone for a festive holiday season. When everyone in the family wears the same color scheme and prints, your group will be ready for photo ops and social media shares.

So, how much more amazing will your extended family look wearing matching pajamas during your holiday gathering?! If you're organizing a family reunion during the holidays this year, make the festivities extra special by wearing coordinating pajamas. When you all don cheerful red and green flannel prints, your time together will be all the more memorable. Here are some matching pajamas you can wear at your family reunion.

Feel instantly warm in flannel

Flannel is the classic go-to material for holiday pajama sets. Flannel pajamas have super-soft cotton brushed on both sides to bring out a warm, insulating texture. Unlike smooth summer cotton, these fibers lock in all the toasty warmth. It is also thicker and sturdier than standard cotton.

For your family reunion, you can choose matching flannel sets for adults and kids, and even a matching neckerchief for your dog. The cheerful holiday prints bring out your seasonal spirit. Because the sturdy flannel also resists pilling, you can wear your new pajamas confidently year after year, without that itchy feeling associated with flannel of lesser quality.

Get extra-comfortable in fleece pajamas

What do you get when you combine the comfortable softness of a plush fleece blanket and the snug, body-hugging fit of pajamas? Fleece pajamas! When cold weather strikes, count on fleece. This luxurious material is brushed to bring out an extra level of softness that will make you want to say "ahh" and sit on the couch with your favorite movies. The anti-pill nature of fleece ensures that it won't lose its form wash after wash. Also, these pajamas are anti-static, so you are less likely to get those shocking dry air winter surprises when taking them out of the laundry. Choose between elastic and drawstring waist pants for that just-right, perfectly snug but not-too-tight, sleepwear fit. The fleece pajama tops come in a relaxed fit and solid colors that easily match not only with the pants in the set, but also with all types of bottoms. When you need a warm top for a grocery run, you can throw on a pair of jeans and wear a fleece PJ top and look instantly put together.

Matching colors

If the group of family members you’re trying to match includes picky people or teenagers (who, let’s be honest, are always picky) pick your battles. Meaning, you might pick out the most perfect set of pajamas ever that comes in everyone’s sizes. However, there might be complaints. So, if you can’t get everyone into the same exact pajamas, settle for variations. Maybe everyone could wear pajamas in the same color scheme, even if they are different styles. Or you could ask everyone to wear pajamas that are the same style, but they can pick their prints. Compromise is good.

Just know if you come up against picky people, there are ways to match without being perfectly matched.

Don't forget the cozy accents!

Pajamas are great to wear all day while munching on Christmas dinner leftovers, but when you add cozy accents such as slippers, robes and fleece blankets, you can make even more memorable feelings of holiday warmth. A great pair of slippers can take you from the mailbox to the living room couch without feeling any chill on your feet. Flannel robes are also excellent to throw on at night when the temperatures fall but you don't want to crank up the heat too much.

Of course, when it comes to comfort, not everyone wants a heavy material for sleeping. If you don't need warm PJs, nightgowns and cotton sets may be right for you. Short-sleeve sleep sets made out of lightweight materials can cradle you to sleep without making you feel overheated.

Embroidered pajamas

Want to take things to the next level? Personalize your matching pajamas with a logo, monogram, or word! This is a great way to commemorate the reunion and unify the pajamas beyond using common colors and prints.

Choose a preset embroidered image or order custom monogram letters. Monograms can use up to 10 characters and use one color thread to make a bold and simple statement, such as the year your gathering is taking place. Select one of many preset designs to personalize your family's set. Add even more comfort by personalizing a few monogrammed blankets to give as gifts during the reunion. What a wonderful way to keep the memories fresh throughout the year!

Take lots of pictures

If you’re going to all of the trouble of trying to match or at least coordinate pajamas, don’t forget to take lots and lots of pictures. It’s so easy to snap pictures on your phone, now, that you’ll be able to get a lot of candid shots that people will treasure for years to come. Who knows? They might be featured in your niece’s wedding slideshow, or your son’s graduation ad, or grandma’s wall of fame. Just make sure to enjoy the moment, but don’t forget to take a few pictures as fun reminders.

By ordering matching sets of family pajamas for the holidays, your next family reunion will be one to remember.


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