How to Match Your Favorite Mask with any Outfit

How to Match Your Mask With Any Outfit

With the enforcement of masks everywhere, we could have predicted that mask fashion was going to become real fashion at some point. Alas, the moment is here! Styling your mask to match your outfit is a big part of this fall and winter look book, so we decided to help you figure out how to turn your mask into a practical yet stylish accessory. You may be wondering why anyone would even want to bother to match an outfit to their mask or vice versa. It may seem unnecessary, but it’s a perfect approach for those who need to have an appropriate outfit for a workplace, social event, or other dress-specific occasions.

But, if nothing else, matching your mask to your outfit is just plain fun, and with all the mask styles and designs out there, there’s truly something for everyone’s personal taste or style. A whole trend is emerging, so jump on the bandwagon and find out how you can style your favorite masks with your favorite outfits.


An easy place to begin is with the monochrome look. This technique of styling your face mask with your outfit works well for both women’s and men’s face masks. Nothing is as simple as matching your whole outfit to your mask. This is especially easy if your mask is a neutral color such as black or navy. Matching your outfit to your mask in monochromes means that you wear only one color or a range of one color.

It’s super easy to wear a black mask with a black dress and a black jacket for a well-put-together outfit. Also, for something more low key, wearing a navy mask with a dark blue shirt and a pair of dark wash jeans can look more put together and concise.

Matchy Patterns

This is where the fun begins, especially with women’s face masks, because there are so many fun patterns and colors to match together. The trend of matching patterns between clothes and masks has taken the fashion world by storm. It’s easy to see when certain clothing pieces are even being sold alongside the perfectly matching mask. This has also been seen as a style statement from prominent politicians, royals, and even celebrities who are using matching masks to up their style game.

One of our favorite combos is to wear floral prints. Wear a floral blouse with a similar or same cloth mask for the ultimate masked fashion statement. If you are choosing to match prints, be sure the prints are the focal point of your outfit to not make the look too chaotic. Other fun prints to play with are animal prints, gingham, camouflage, stripes, snakeskin, polka dot, plaid, and tartan.

Tartan and plaid are especially fun to match for the upcoming holiday season. Wear a tartan mask with a tartan dress or tartan midi skirt to really get into the festive mood.

Get Creative

Take a more creative approach when styling your mask by mixing and matching with a complementary array of colors, tones, and prints. Include a color, a neutral tone, and a print in your outfit to create a complementary and compelling look that perfectly matches your mask.

For example, wear a neutral pair of white jeans with a striped patterned blouse and a bright pink mask for an awesome pop.

Choose a Color Palette

Another great approach for styling your mask with your outfit is to choose a color palette. Choose either monochromatic colors, such as a red statement suit with a red mask and a women’s white blouse beneath, or complementary pairings.

A great complementary pairing is to wear colors that fall on opposite sides of the color wheel, such as a pair of blue jeans with a red shirt, a blue jacket, and a red mask. You can also choose an analogous color palette, meaning that you wear colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. For example, wearing a yellow dress with an orange mask.

However you decide to style and wear your mask, just be sure that it fits properly over your nose and mouth area to ensure it’s not just a stylish fashion accessory, but that it’s also perfectly practical and useful, too.


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