4 Tips on Making a Coat Part of Your Outfit

4 Tips on Making a Coat Part of Your Outfit

Create a coordinated look with the right outerwear. There are jackets and coats to go with every outfit, ranging from casual to dressy. They come in petite, tall, regular, and plus sizes to fit every figure, and they’re available in multiple colors. Keep reading for outfit and outerwear pairings to get you through fall and winter in style.

Choose the Right Coat for the Weather

It’s important to choose the right coat for the climate and weather conditions. On mild fall days, you’ll want a coat or jacket crafted from a lightweight fabric. For a day at the office, you can’t go wrong with a polyester-blend women’s blazer. Polyester with wool is an excellent textile combo for blazers because it’s wrinkle-resistant and warm without being too heavy. Casual days call for a fleece jacket or hoodie in your favorite color; choose from zippered and pullover styles.

Rainy days require a waterproof rain jacket with a hood. Look for a nylon/polyester blend fabric with a touch of spandex for comfortable wear. This fabric also repels water to keep you dry, and it’s machine washable. When it’s cold and rainy, opt for an insulated rain jacket or one that’s lined with fleece. Features such as multiple pockets and a length that’s below the hip make women’s rain jackets a must-have for wet fall weather.

Reach for a down jacket on days when it’s really cold. A temperature rating of Warmest and a fill power of 600 are features of down coats that you’ll want for maximum warmth during the winter. Choose a down coat with a waterproof exterior to ensure you’re ready for rain and snow; look for an inner drawcord at the waist if you prefer a snugger fit. If you want a winter coat that’s classic and on trend, choose one with a faux fur-lined hood. The hood adds a stylish flair to your look, and it helps keep your head warm.

There are also 3-in-1 Squall jackets that can take you from cool fall days to snowy winter ones. These jackets have waterproof exteriors and wind-resistant shells, along with a fleece liner that can be zippered up for extra warmth when you need it.

Select the Proper Coat Length

Another thing to consider when creating outfits with fall and winter outerwear is the coat or jacket length. If you’re looking for a coat to wear with office apparel, consider a trench coat that falls just above the knee. These versatile work-appropriate coats come in neutral colors to go with everything, and they have a belt at the waist. The length looks great with everything from a knee-length pencil skirt to your favorite slacks.

Longer coats are recommended for the coldest days; they go well with women’s winter boots in virtually any style. If you’re looking for a casual coat with plenty of fashion versatility, opt for a hip-length style or choose one that falls just below the hip. Quilted barn coats are a fall wardrobe staple, especially if you want something that provides ample warmth and goes with everything from leggings and tunics to jeans and flannel shirts.

Shorter jackets are good for pairing with women’s loungewear and athletic apparel. For example, if you’re wearing sweatpants or yoga pants with a T-shirt or sweatshirt, consider wearing a puffy down or synthetic-down jacket that hits right above the hip. A high hip-length denim jacket is another option for adding light warmth and a layered look to your favorite comfy outfits.

Decide on a Coat Color

You’ll also want to consider the color when coordinating outfits and coats. If you want outerwear that goes with everything in your closet, basic black can’t be beat. Navy is another option that’s universally flattering and looks great with most other colors. If you want something lighter but still versatile, there are coats and jackets in camel and brown tones, along with those in cool gray shades from dove to charcoal.

Another option is to choose a coat or jacket in a bold, bright color. Add a vibrant pop to your neutral outfit with outerwear in bright pink, turquoise, or cherry red. With so many options available, it’s easy to stock your closet with coats and jackets in a rainbow of colors.

Add Accessories for a Coordinated Look

There are various ways to accessorize your fall and winter outerwear. When it’s relatively mild outside, top your outfit with a cap or cloche hat. Knit beanies are a must when it gets colder, and they come in a variety of colors and prints. Women’s scarves and gloves are warm and stylish, and they come in colors and styles to go with casual and dressy coats.

Explore the vast array of outerwear options to find pieces to go with your outfits. The right jackets and coats are the ones that make you feel best, so shop around to find your favorite pieces.


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