How to Make Your Lazy Sundays Feel More Autumnal This Fall

How to Make Your Lazy Sundays Feel More Autumnal This Fall

Fall weather is finally here! It’s time for hot ciders, warm sweaters, and cool crisp weather. Likely, you’ve already tapped into the vibrant autumnal energy in many ways this fall, whether you’ve spent a day apple picking, playing in pumpkin patches, bundled up for a football game, or hosting a costume party.

With so much activity in the fall, you may find yourself wondering: how can one stay tapped into the festive fall vibe this year while also simply relaxing? We’re way ahead of you! We know exactly how you can take a day off while still feeling in touch with the season. Here’s how to make your lazy Sunday feel more autumnal this fall.

Create Coziness in Your Living Spaces

As the temperatures cool, it’s important to stay nice and warm, whether you are spending time inside or outside. Create coziness in your living room with an ample supply of extra cozy fleece throw blankets near the couch. Extra, festive, and earth-toned throw pillows are also a nice touch to add more coziness.

Keep your warm throw blankets organized in a stylish wicker or grass basket next to your couch where they can stay nice and tidy but are also easily accessible. Encourage family and guests to cozy up with your collection of super soft blankets while hanging out, watching TV, or warming their toes by the fireplace.

Cook Easy but Festive Meals

Nothing creates a festive mood like the smell of cooking. For your autumnal lazy Sunday, we recommend taking it easy and cooking simple but festive fall meals, such as crockpot pumpkin chili, one-dish casseroles, or pressure cooker soups and stews. Filling your space with the smells of a home-cooked meal is sure to get you into the fall spirit.

For an extra festive fall touch, invest in some decorative seasonal hand towels or tea towels. Adding some small pumpkins to the fruit bowl in your kitchen and hanging a cinnamon broom by your front door is fun, and these small yet festive touches make your home feel more autumnal.

Have a Cozy Cookies and Family Time-day

Get into the fall spirit with the whole family and have a designated day for baking and sharing. There is no better way to get into the spirit of the upcoming holidays while bonding with your family than by cooking food together. Teach your kids your favorite cookie or pie recipe, or let them pick out a new recipe for festive baked goods and learn something new together.

Luxuriate in Your Sunday Best: Loungewear

To really relax into the lazy Sunday routine, don’t forget your cozy loungewear. What lazy Sunday vibe would be complete, any time of year, without your favorite lazy loungewear? This is the day to break out your best sweatpants and a favorite vintage band t-shirt, throw your hair in a top knot bun, and curl up on the couch with a good book or TV show.

Don’t forget about those blankets you stashed by the couch! Cozy up by a window, watch the leaves fall with a cup of your favorite tea, and soak up those autumnal vibes.

Curl Up in Cashmere

If living in loungewear isn’t quite your style, we have great news for you: cashmere sweaters are the absolute best option for those who want the feel of comfy, cozy, and luxuriously soft fabrics, while also maintaining their personal chic style.

What says autumnal vibes better than a cozy cashmere sweater? With this buttery soft fabric against your skin, you can laze the day away in style. Pair your cashmere sweater with a pair of leggings or yoga pants and some comfy wool socks for an ultra-comfortable fall outfit that also stays super stylish.

Get a Head Start on Your Christmas List

A lazy Sunday in the fall is a great opportunity to get ahead of the game while also diving right into the spirit of the season by starting your Christmas list. You can spend this time brainstorming and doing subtle reconnaissance (does your sister already have an air fryer? Better text your brother-in-law and find out) or by starting your shopping for personalized Christmas gifts online.

Have a Festive Fall Fire

The best way to wind down and end your lazy Sunday this autumn is with a festive fire. If you have a fireplace, you can have your fire in the comfort of your own living room. If the weather is still pleasant enough, we recommend heading out back for a small backyard bonfire to really get into the spirit by experiencing the fall weather at its finest.

Get the whole family together to roast marshmallows and tell stories about the fire. You can even get extra-festive by wearing your matching family pajamas.

There are endless ways to spend your lazy Sunday this fall, but we recommend getting into the seasonal spirit and making your day really autumnal!


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