Make Your Home a Winter Wonderland

Make Your Home a Winter Wonderland

When winter rolls around, we humans make like bears and go into hibernation mode. Our version of this looks a little different than theirs, however, consisting of cooking big, nourishing meals, relaxing with a movie, and listening to music in our homes. Still, it makes sense that we may want to pay a little more attention to our interiors during the winter months, taking the time to ensure that it’s a place we’re happy spending the majority of our time. There are so many ways to take advantage of the coziness that winter brings, and the seasonal fun that it suggests, by decking out your home and making it into a winter wonderland. Here are some fun and easy ways for transforming your home into a winter wonderland.

Light It Up

Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree. Adding some twinkling lights, either white or colored, can transform a room in seconds, making it into a magical realm of perfect ambiance that you’ll want to spend all your time in. We love them in the kitchen, a room that can run the risk of seeming a little cold without the right lighting. And since winter is a time for cooking and enjoying delicious meals, you’ll be spending extra time in this space. Why not make it as cozy as possible? Christmas lights look extra special hung above a row of cabinets or around a window, dazzling the eyes and suggesting a festive mood any time of the year.

Fill Your Space with Flannel

Nothing says winter-like warm flannel with a plaid pattern, so we like to fill our homes with this fabric during the winter season. From super cozy flannel sheets to thick flannel blankets for the couch, flannel makes any home feel several degrees closer to a log cabin. Flannel-lined throw pillows, too, make any bed or couch more inviting, perfect for lounging after a big winter meal. Pair your flannel decor with flannel pajamas, robes, and shirts, just to make it extra cozy.

Candles Are Key

We love everything about candles—the way they light up a space with their warm glow, and the way their scent can transform a room into anything from a field of lilies to a forest of pine trees. Adding Christmas candles to your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to turn it into a winter wonderland. First, determine what kind of scent you’re looking for. Something natural, like a Frasier fir candle, is a great option around Christmas time to keep every room smelling like a fresh-cut tree. We even like it after December, when the tree’s long gone but the scent can stick around no matter what. Or perhaps you’d prefer something sweeter, like a cinnamon- and apple-scented candle that suggests the wondrous smells of cider and freshly baked apple pie. These scents transform a room in a matter of minutes, making it suddenly more warm and magical for you and your family.

Say It with Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a classic wintertime craft for families, fun for children and adults alike. Part of the fun is the air of neighborly cheer they bring, offering something beautiful for both you and anyone passing by to admire. They perhaps look best in the window, but they are suitable for anywhere in the house, adding winter spirit to the room in an instant. Take any sheet of square paper, fold it in half several times, and then start carefully cutting out shapes. Unfold and voila! There are more detailed how-to guides for those who want to be more pro, but one of the best things about making paper snowflakes is how easy it is for anyone to get started and quickly create something beautiful you’ll want to hang up for all to see.

Faux Fur Fun

Faux fur is fun to wear in the winter—from fur-lined hoods to fur-trimmed boots, there are many ways to add a little of this soft and warm material to your outerwear. But there are so many ways to bring fur into your home as well, making your living space as cozy as can be. A fur pillowcase for a throw pillow is our favorite place to start since you can add these pillows to couches, chairs, and beds to easily make your space a little warmer. We also love a sheepskin throw, either on the floor (baby’s favorite place to hang out) or on the back of a hard wooden chair to make it more inviting come mealtime.

It’s so easy to transform your home into a cozy winter wonderland, all you need is a little creativity, and your space is suddenly a little more magical!


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