This Christmas, Make Things Personal with Monogrammed Gifts

This Holiday Season, Make Things Personal With These Monogrammed Gifts

It’s great to give a beautiful gift—but it’s even better to put some genuine thought into making that gift the best it can possibly be. Let’s face it: there are people in your life who can tell if you put effort into the shopping experience. These are the people who will appreciate a personal monogrammed gift item. If you’re looking for that perfect something for someone special, keep these ideas in mind.

Beach Towels

If your recipient loves the beach, then you can’t go wrong with a monogrammed beach towel. More than just a plush addition to a linen closet, this vacation essential is destined to become a lifelong staple thanks to its soft texture and practical size. Ideal for slipping into a beach tote or for lazing by the hotel pool, our towels are designed to hold up well over countless washes—and, yes, they’ll look just as beautiful next year as they do right now.

More important, they’re just plain versatile. If your giftee isn’t the type to go on vacation without months and months of planning, then receiving this towel as a surprise may well be the inspiration that she needs to get moving. And the towel is perfect for a staycation too. Your recipient can bring it along on occasions when it’s just easier to pack up a small bag and head to the local lake than drive hours to the closest beach.


Bedding may be personal, but it makes a great gift for your closest family and friends. Our selection of monogrammed bedding is especially impressive, with a wide range of products available to cover all the bases. Thinking of building an entire set? Snap up a set of gloriously soft Supima flannel or velvet sheets, add a plush quilt, and throw in a cozy monogrammed blanket.

If you aren’t sure precisely what they would love, you can also keep it simpler and surprise them with a wonderfully supple throw. Made with materials such as fleece and chevron cotton, they’re at once stylish and timeless. They look just as great draped over the back of the couch as they look strewn across the bed, and they’re easy to snuggle into while sipping hot cocoa by the fire on a cool winter night.


For those who embrace the festivities of the holiday season, you can’t go wrong with exquisite needlepoint Christmas stockings. Just a glance at these eye-catching stockings is enough to get anyone into the spirit of the season! You can shop for one or, if you’re feeling generous, grab one for everyone in the family—even fur babies!

The wide range of styles complements any living space. Opt for a fuzzy solid stocking in a rich maroon or a velvety gray, or pay homage to those patterns that are so reflective of winter’s most precious moments—Santa Claus and his reindeer, snowmen bedecked in their cold-weather attire, cute penguins sledding down a hill, and children ice skating are just a few of the eye-catching prints you’ll find in the vast mix.


Slippers are appropriate to wear year-round, but you’ll be a superstar if you surprise a loved one with a cozy pair during the coldest season of the year. While any wonderfully soft pair accented by with fleece, leather, or shearling is sure to warm their hearts, it’s the addition of their monogram that sets these apart.

Not only does it show careful attention to detail, but it also elevates the aesthetic appeal of the slipper. Suddenly a basic slide or moccasin looks decidedly more upscale and refined. You might even consider throwing in a comfortable robe for a complete set of cozy gear to wear all season long.


Men’s and women’s robes deserve all the love during the holiday season. There’s simply nothing like a soft, fuzzy, and ultra-cozy topper that layers over flannel pajamas or lounge pants and tee while enjoying time off during the winter break.

Available in numerous colors and styles, the robe can be customized with a name or initials for a wonderful and highly personal touch that offers an outward example of luxury. It’s something they’ll wear all the time—and they’ll think of you every time they slip into it!


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