How to Make the Most of Your Staycation

How to Make the Most of your Staycation

Boy, have times changed in recent history! While many people take family or partner vacations each year, now is a good time to consider a “staycation.” While a typical vacation often involves some kind of travel, many people are opting for staycations. The most important part of a staycation is the exact same as a vacation: you don’t have to work!

Every Vacation Starts with a Plan

The number one tip for a staycation, after you get the time off from work approved, is to plan. While this can mean different things to different people, at least some forethought of how you will use your time off from work is beneficial. Keep in mind that time goes so much faster when you are on vacation (or staycation as is the case) than usual!

Staycations can be as short as a long weekend or as long as several weeks. Think about the first things you will do. Prep the location: do your normal chores, get any bills or correspondence, as well as any other responsibilities, taken care of first thing. It is hard to imagine being able to enjoy a staycation if these things are hanging over your head! Keep in mind that this is your time to rest and rejuvenate. While many suggest DIY home projects, if they are not an activity that you really enjoy working on, then skip it!

Set a Budget

If you normally set a specific budget for vacations, decide how much is appropriate for your staycation. While your expenses may be different, using your vacation budget to enhance your staycation is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged! Do you usually spend a good chunk of change on lodgings? Why not use those funds to create an at-home oasis? Things like ultra-luxurious bed pillows or a new sheet set can not only ensure that you get great restorative rest during your break but are the “souvenir” that will not only last, but also won’t just be on a shelf gathering dust!

Get Gussied Up

You may also want to put on some comfy clothes for a majority of your time, but why not take some time for self-care like a mani-pedi, a massage, and a long soak in a tub? Put on one of your lushest robes and grab a few new fluffy towels to engage your suspension of disbelief for a real spa treatment.

And what feels better after pampering yourself than getting all dressed up in your finest? Wear something you love but haven’t had a chance to get out of the closet this year. It could be your best little black dress or your fanciest party outfit. The benefit of a staycation is the dress code is whatever you make it and the temperature is just right (be it a little extra heat to wear your favorite summer dress or some air conditioning to wear your favorite faux fur wrap). Be sure to wear make-up, wedge shoes, and all of the accessories, too.

Once you have your best dress-up on, make it an event. Whether it is the whole family or a more intimate group, make the most of it:

Bring on the Activities!

Keep in mind that while there are numerous ideas about how to spend your time, it should be something you enjoy or have always wanted to try. Granted, we are experiencing limitations on what we can do and who we can see but that doesn’t mean your staycation has to be boring.

There may be a book you have always wanted to read but you have never taken the time to do so. Grab a throw blanket, go offline, sit in the comfiest spot you can find, and read the whole book. Try a new recipe (or dig out an old one), or binge-watch a mindless show or your favorite movie and all its sequels. You can play games, strum your guitar or pull out your long-neglected crafts. You can take a nap, or two! (Or even one every day, really.)

Some interesting thoughts on things to do: when is the last time you got something besides junk or bills in the mail? Why not write a handwritten card or letter to someone you have been missing or not able to connect with during the rush of day-to-day activities? Use fancy stationery if you like and pick out some fun stamps and stickers. Take a virtual class you have never had time for. Have a staring contest, bird watch, climb a tree, or have a virtual sleepover!

Is it 20 degrees out but you need to get out of the house? Have a fire, roast some marshmallows, and sing a campfire song. Grab your warmest outerwear, your favorite gloves, something hot to drink, and your favorite people. The nice thing about a fire at home is the facilities are never far away and they are always warm!

Here is the final and biggest thing to make the most of your staycation: do nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s okay, you are on “staycation” and absolutely nothing is absolutely okay!


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