How to Make Black Friday Fun for The Whole Family

How to Make Black Friday Fun for the Whole Family

The day after we spend America’s favorite holiday counting our blessings, and expressing thanks and gratitude for family, friends, we run out to the stores to go find gifts to share the love throughout the holiday season. This year, make Black Friday fun for the whole family by continuing the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday together, while also getting some of your shopping done. You may not be in line early with the little ones to get that discounted flat-screen television, but you’ll be making memories that are sure to last for many years to come.

Opt for Online Shopping

If you and your family need some things that would be discounted during the post-Thanksgiving sale weekend, opt for online shopping instead. Online shopping saves on time, energy, and your budget if you have a clear list of what everyone needs and stick to it. This is a time to feel grateful for loved ones, so it’s definitely a plus to spend it with family and friends while you shop online. If members of your family need new items, like a new pair of women’s jeans, an espresso maker, or some sports equipment for the kids, make online shopping a family affair.

Create a shortlist of what everyone needs, and then sit down as a family to purchase the items online while still snagging some incredible sales. The best part is that you’ll have the rest of the day to enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones and snacking on delicious turkey leftovers.

Get Outdoors

You and your family probably indulged in a delicious Thanksgiving dinner the night before, so chances are you might still be in a comfortable food coma. You’re likely ready to get moving and get outdoors on Black Friday. Burn off some of that sleepy energy by taking everyone outside.

Go for a walk or a hike with the family to have fun and keep that family feeling going just a little longer. The weather in mid-November in many parts of the country is still fair enough to wear a simple fleece jacket or a vest. There may even be some fall foliage still around to enjoy. Weather permitting, go for a family bike ride or enjoy a game of post-Thanksgiving football in the backyard. Make spending time outside a Black Friday family tradition, whether you're going down the block, up a mountain, or around a track for your local Turkey Trot.

Volunteer and Donate

The holidays often show us how blessed and lucky we are to be surrounded by family and friends. Counting our blessings also brings to mind those who are less fortunate during the holiday season. Holidays are a wonderful time to give back to people in your community who are struggling with less or going through hard times. Thanksgiving is a great time of the year to volunteer at soup kitchens so others may enjoy the feasts of the season, and the days following are no different. Donate food to your local soup kitchen, or donate clothes or other items to those in need.

Also consider doing some early spring cleaning in the fall. Giving away warm clothes to those in need for the winter is a great way to remember how grateful we are for all we have. Have everyone go through their things to find at least one item to donate. Anything like winter coats, gloves, hats, sweaters, and scarves are great to donate. The perk here is you will have some extra space in your wardrobe for picking up the new winter gear you need.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

A fun Black Friday family activity is to have a scavenger hunt. This works great for adults and for kids, so get creative and make it a whole-day affair. It'll engage the family in some physical activity, and will make for loads of laughs and fun for everyone. Make your scavenger hunt holiday-themed by having everyone go on a search in the house for specific Christmas decorations. Or, have a digital scavenger hunt where everyone has to look for memes or other online content that’s on the scavenger hunt list. Take your scavenger hunt outdoors with items like pinecones, maple leaves, and other nature items on your list. This is especially fun for kids of all ages.

Make a Campfire

After a fun day of football and scavenger hunts, what’s better than an outdoor campfire under the stars? Get cozy and stay warm with some throw blankets and enjoy telling each other jokes and stories around the fire.

Decorate for Christmas

Decorating the house for Christmas is one of the best family traditions to jump into after Thanksgiving. Get ready to ring in the Christmas season by getting the whole family to help with decorating for the holidays. Put on your favorite holiday tunes and start stringing the lights and stockings. Finish the day with some Thanksgiving leftovers and hot chocolate.

Black Friday doesn’t have to be a day for battling other shoppers when you can shop early and online! Instead, make it a day of gratitude and spending time with loved ones with these activities that the whole family will enjoy.

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