Athleisure Outfit Ideas for Your Day Off

Athleisure Outfit Ideas for Your Day Off

A few years ago, it seemed like the athleisure trend – which takes workout-inspired clothing to the streets – would come and go like any other. But it’s stuck around and that’s probably because athleisure wear feels great and looks fantastic. There’s just something about that sleek, sporty look that flatters almost anyone and makes it the perfect choice for relaxing on your day off.

What is Athleisure?

Athleisure clothes have a sporty style. Think pants that resemble yoga wear, tank tops you might go running in and shrunken hoodies. Unlike clothes made for playing sports, athleisure pieces aren’t really functional – they’re designed to look good, not survive a triathlon. This means they’re usually more comfortable than hardcore womens workout clothes and apparel and they definitely prioritize form over function.

How To Build A Basic Athleisure Outfit

Embrace the athleisure look with a cute pair of sweatpants. They should have a flattering slim cut and a nice waistband – stay away from grandpa’s baggy old sweats and look for something with feminine appeal. Add a long or short-sleeve crewneck tee and slip in the front inside of your pants for a hip French tuck. Put on your favorite sneakers – a pair in bright white are always cool – and you’re done. There’s no need to bother with jewelry, since this look is all about keeping it simple, but if you crave a little bling, wear silver hoop earrings or a dog tag necklace.

Wearing Leggings Like A Pro

Keep that aura of mystery alive by wearing a long shirt that covers your rear with leggings. It’s a classy touch and you won’t feel like you’re on display to the world. You can also tie a shirt or hoodie around your waist to provide some extra coverage. And if you’re wearing sneakers, make sure to have some ankle socks on hand so you can flash a little skin.

Winter Time Style

When winter arrives, layer up to keep the cute athleisure look alive. Put on a pair of cool sneakers and black leggings – a pair made from heat-trapping material will keep you nice and toasty. Then toss on an oversize sweater or sweatshirt (wear a tank underneath if you like) that reaches past your rear, as the more that’s covered, the warmer you’ll be. Wrap a scarf around your neck and slip on a slouchy knit hat. Finally, toss on a fleece jacket and wear it open to show off your awesome outfit.

Make It Fancy

Athleisure is all about looking casual, but this style can be dressed up, too. Start with a pair of black joggers, which look like chic sweatpants, and add a billowing silk blouse – worn tucked in, of course. Skip the sneakers and reach for some strappy heels instead and top things off with a black leather motorcycle jacket. Add a long chain necklace if you like and carry your odds and ends in a hip purse or clutch.

Summer Fun

Skip the heavy, hot jeans in the summer and go for some athleisure-inspired leggings instead. Wear them with a loose tank top – you can try layering a couple of matching ones. Slip your freshly-pedicured feet into some minimalist slide sandals and swap out the purse for a leather backpack. Add some aviator sunglasses and a plain black baseball hat and you’ll be the coolest looking girl in town. And if it gets chilly, toss on a satiny bomber jacket.

At The Beach

You can totally rock the athleisure look at the beach – it’s not just for the streets! Skip frilly swimwear covered in ruffles and bows and go for a plain black tank suit instead – it’s simple, dramatic and makes a statement of its own. You can also try a slim-fitting swim shirt over a pair of bikini bottoms, but make sure everything is sleek and understated. Finally pull your hair back in a tight ponytail, grab some plain flip flops, put on those shades and soak up the rays.

Not Just Pants

Though joggers and leggings dominate the athleisure look, there are some amazing dresses inspired by this take on fashion. A plain fitted tank dress in a bold hue – like black, red or navy – is a great match for your best sneakers and a fitted track jacket. A long pencil skirt that reaches to your knees and is made from a stretchy material that lets you move freely will work, too. Top it off with a matching sweatshirt that’s cut to flatter your curves.


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