Luxurious Loungewear Your Mother Will Love

Luxurious Loungewear Your Mother Will Love

It's no secret that moms deserve the best. Many moms work hard to take care of those around them, and their own self-care can often get lost in the shuffle. This is why we love the idea of luxurious loungewear for all the moms out there. Whether you're shopping for Mother's Day, a birthday, or a "just because" gift, loungewear can be a great way to show your mom that you appreciate all that she does and that you want her to take some time out to relax.

Like a fancy candle, a gift certificate for a massage, or a bouquet, women's loungewear makes a perfect gift. She wouldn't think to treat herself to it, but she's sure to love it. Read on for loungewear gift ideas for the moms who deserve a little luxury in their lives (hint, it's all of them!).

A Lounge Dress

We all know that mom that has been wearing the same go-to nightgown for, well, forever. It's as if the nightgown just showed up the moment she became a mom, and never really left. We love that nightgown, your mom loves that nightgown, and you likely love that nightgown as well. Seeing it can spark memories of cozy mornings and the comfort of being with your mom. While we can all appreciate the go-to's in our lives, it's likely time for an upgrade—or at least time to throw a few new options in the mix.

That's where lounge dresses come in. The right lounge dress, like a long-sleeved cotton poplin nightshirt, can provide the same level of comfort as your mom's forever nightgown, but with a stylish touch that will allow her to feel a bit more luxurious when she lounges.

A Plush Robe

Nothing says "luxury" quite like a new women's robe. Something about lounging in a cozy, soft robe will make any mom feel like the queen she is. Plus, just like her go-to nightgown, it's likely that your mom hasn't replaced her robe in a while. Look for a plush knee-length cotton-and-terry blend robe or a longer option in oh-so-comfy Supima cotton for a gift that's as practical as it is luxurious.

If you want to take this present to the next level, include some lavish lavender bubble bath and a few soothing sheet masks or exfoliating foot masks to encourage your mom to take the at-home spa day she definitely deserves.

A Stylish Tunic Sweatshirt

For a mom who loves lounging at home or who should probably take more time to do so, an upgraded sweatshirt can make a perfect gift. Sweatshirts can be comfy and ideal for movie marathons or spending a rainy day working on a puzzle with tea in hand. A tunic sweatshirt puts a stylish spin on the classic hoodie options. Opt for a long-sleeved textured cowl neck sweatshirt in a rich color that you know will look great on your mom, and rest assured that she'll be lounging in style and buttery-knitted luxury.

To add something a little extra to this gift bag, consider your mom's favorite lounging activities and go from there. This could mean adding a bottle of her favorite wine or a new DIY project.

A Cozy Pajama Set

New PJs will make anyone happy, and moms are no exception. Having some cute and comfy pajama options in her rotation will make her feel ready to sleep in or curl up in bed with a great read. Plus, PJs from you will feel even more special, and she'll be sure to think of you whenever she puts them on. Think of it as giving a hug that she can feel whenever she wears her new set (yes, you can steal this sentiment for the card—you're welcome!).

When looking for the pajama set for your mom, opt for a trendy option such as a classic button-up top in chambray with matching cropped bottoms. This soft material will have your mom feeling lavish whenever she chooses to spend a day in relaxation mode or climb into bed early to watch a movie or finish the next chapter of her new book. Complete this gift with a pair of monogrammed slippers for a head-to-toe lounge look she'll love.

From an upgraded replacement for that old nightgown or a fresh take on a comfy sweatshirt, new loungewear is a creative way to add a touch of luxury to the next gift you put together for your mother. No matter the occasion, and no matter what piece of loungewear you choose, we hope your mom absolutely loves it.


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