Low-Spend Mother's Day Gifts for the No-Frills Mom

Low-Spend Mother's Day Gifts for the No-Frills Mom

Do you remember bringing home macaroni artwork and handmade glitter glue cards for Mother's Day? Even if you answer "no," we'll bet that your mom will answer with a resounding "yes!" Chances are, your mom might even have a few of those masterpieces stashed away in boxes, tucked next to your baby shoes and first report card. Moms, especially no-frills moms, love gifts because of the thought and the gesture. And the good news for you is that you no longer have to rely on messy macaroni art to find a great low-spend gift.

If you're shopping for your no-frills mom or any mom in your life who likes the simple things, read on for gift inspiration that'll show your appreciation without breaking the bank.

Plan an At-Home Spa Day

Even no-frills moms need some R&R every once in a while. That said, this isn't necessarily a woman who would jump at the idea of spending a day at a fancy spa or would want to sit through a manicure and pedicure. Plus, these services can be quite expensive when it comes to gift-giving.

This is where the at-home spa day comes in. Planning an at-home spa day at your mom's home can be as no-frills as she is. Opt for a simple, organic clay mask and some essential oils for the bath. If she doesn't already own one, a new women's robe can really complete this gift. Since this isn't a mom who is all about pampering, include a little gift card explaining how to use the mask and bath oils, and let her take it from there.

Give the Gift of Comfort

Nothing says "no-frills" quite like spending a day lounging at home. If the mom you're shopping for loves to be cozy at home, then curate a gift that's made just for relaxing in front of a movie or a new book. One great option here is a pair of monogrammed slippers, perfect for a mellow day at home with the added thoughtful touch of customization.

If slippers might not be her thing, then look for a new cotton nightgown instead. Cotton nightdresses are easy to care for (no dry-cleaning-only here!) and might just replace that one old nightgown or frayed pajama pants she seems to always be wearing. This is definitely a low-cost gift that'll keep giving, whether she wears it to complete her Sunday morning crossword or to lounge on the back patio with a cup of tea.

Easy Swimwear She'll Love

This gift is perfect for a mom who loves the outdoors. Whether she likes easy summer days at the beach or is into hiking to nearby lakes or creeks, she'll appreciate receiving a new swimsuit—especially since she won't have to deal with picking out her own.

Opt for a one-piece, tugless swimsuit in a color you know she'll wear. She likely won't want to start wearing a bold new color if she likes to keep it low-key. Tugless swimwear is as no-fuss as it is flattering and easy to throw in a backpack or beach bag. Plus, it's easy to care for, so you can trust that she'll get a ton of use out of your gift.

Plan a Picnic

A picnic is a great way to treat a mom to a Mother's Day brunch without the fuss of a busy restaurant. We love this gift idea for moms who like to get outside! If the mom you're planning the gift for is no-fuss even when it comes to food, bring easy snacks like cheese, bread, and fruit. Or, if there's a certain cuisine or restaurant that she always goes to, opt to cook something in-theme that travels well or simply snag some takeout from her go-to spot.

To make this gift feel even more special and memorable, pack some of the items in a monogrammed tote that she can bring home after the picnic. Tote bags are great for the environment since they're reusable and perfect for anyone with a no-frills type of style.

Shopping for people who aren't that interested in the bells and whistles can sometimes feel challenging, so we hope this list leaves you feeling inspired. Whether you're picking out a gift for your own mom, a mother-in-law, or a friend who's a new mom, these are all thoughtful options that any lowkey and low-spend mom will be sure to appreciate and enjoy. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!


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