Loving Your Comfy Clothes? Here are Six Care Tips to Help Them Last Even Longer

Loving Your Comfy Clothes? Here are Six Care Tips to Help Them Last Even Longer

When you finally find that perfect pair of sweatpants or ultra-soft, oversized tee, you want to keep it looking great for as long as possible. It’s not always easy landing on high-quality loungewear that offers the right fit, look, and feel, so it makes sense that anyone would want to hold onto their best items. To get the most use out of them, there are certain things you can do to take care of them. In this post, we will look at a few handy care tips that will ensure your comfy clothes last as long as they can.

Be Delicate With Your Delicates

Delicates are referred to as delicates for a reason: they are easily damaged and should be treated as such, especially if you want to get the most wear out of them as possible. Considering delicates such as undergarments are a part of comfy clothing, it is in your best interest to give them the same careful treatment as everything else in your wardrobe. For starters, avoid the dryer at all costs as this heat can damage the elastic, shrink materials, and leave the delicates in a more worn-out state. If possible, strive to always wash your delicates by hand and hang them up to dry.

Use this simple formula: keep like colors with like, fill a large sink or tub with cool water, and use a soft detergent. If you don’t have detergent on hand (for example, when traveling), use a gentle shampoo. Swirl the delicates by hand every so often for an hour. After letting the delicates sit, squeeze the water out of them and hang them up to dry. Airing out your delicates is the best way to preserve any elasticity.

Keep Those Pesky Moths at Bay

Moths can wreak havoc on your clothing, so do what you can to keep them away. Leave a few little bags of lavender in the drawers where you store your comfy clothes. The scent will repel the moths and preserve your clothes. Not only will the lavender protect your clothing, but it will also leave a refreshing, pleasant scent on your clothes and in your drawers.

Your Favorite T-Shirts

When washing your comfy tee in the machine, use cold water with a gentle detergent. Remember to use the permanent press cycle, as this will ensure your clothing items don't get wrinkled. After washing and drying, avoid wrinkles and creases by folding the sleeves backward and folding the shirts in half only once. It may be tempting to hang T-shirts on a hanger to avoid wrinkles, but this often causes the material to stretch too much and leave hanger marks. When folding your tees and putting them away in the drawers, stack lightly. Don’t cram too many tees on top of each other; you want to give the material some room to breathe.

Those Go-To Comfy Bottoms

During those sweltering summer months when you're wearing lighter fabrics, consider only washing your bottoms when necessary. Overwashing delicate materials can lead to faster wear and tear. If you store your summer pants and shorts for the colder seasons, wash them one more time before neatly packing them away. When you are buying new bottoms for any season, keep shrinkage in mind. Consider buying a slightly larger size or avoiding items that already feel pretty tight when you first try them on. Avoid the dryer and let your bottoms hang out to dry on the laundry line.

Care Tips When Traveling

It’s important to take care of your comfy clothes (and the rest of your clothes) when traveling. Pack a travel iron or small steamer to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. It’s also a good idea to travel with a lint roller since lint is as pesky a problem as wrinkles. Finally, keep a small sewing kit on hand; you never know when a button might pop or a small tear might need to be patched up. If you stay in a hotel, many establishments supply a sewing kit right in the room, so go ahead and take it with you when you return home.

Buy The Right Comfy Clothing For You

Above all, it’s wise to buy comfy clothes that you know you will love. If you are indifferent about certain clothing items, you will be less likely to care for them well. Whether you are just shopping for loungewear for women, comfy casual women’s clothing for work, high-waisted yoga pants for your workouts, or women’s cotton sweatshirts for lounging around the house, the trick is to find the comfy clothes that really represent your style.

Feeling more confident about caring for your comfy clothes? We hope this post helps you rock your delicates to boldly -- and fashionably -- take on whatever your day holds.


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