Love Living in Sweats? Here are 5 Styles That are as Comfy as Sweats but are More Put Together

Love Living in Sweats? Here are 5 Styles That are as Comfy as Sweats but are More Put Together

You’ve been spending a lot more time at home, eating in, probably even working from your own sofa rather than your shared office in town. . . We get it! We’ve been doing the same thing, and we’ve been doing in the sublime comfort of our Lands’ End sweats. Has this been as fabulous for you as it has been for us? Don’t you just love living in sweats? No pinch-points, no binding, no zippers to fiddle with. However, we are all going to have to get dressed, for real, at some point. We’re here to talk about what to wear when you love living in sweats but you know you need to look a bit more polished than regular sweats might allow.

Believe it or not, there are many outfit options that keep you just as comfy as you are in sweats, but look more put-together. I’m here to give you five ideas for pieces that are just as relaxed as sweats but look a little sharper! We’ll talk specific pieces, styling ideas and where your outfit can take you.


Joggers are almost sweats. Stretchy, cozy fabric, combines with a full elastic waist to make your body feel at ease, but the cut and cuffs speak to the trending style of an elevated “sweatpants-adjacent” piece. Wear a slouchy, elegant sweater and low-cut sneakers to strike the just-right chord that rings out, “I’m relaxed, but I’m cultured.” This is a great look to wear to the coffee shop for a carry-out or to sit outside for a drink with friends. You’ll enjoy the comfort of sweats, but your companions will see that you look pulled-together and on-trend. It will feel good after so long in the house!

Knit Pants

Sweats are technically pants made of knit fabric, but they aren’t knit pants. Consider the beloved Starfish collection; it offers slim leg, straight leg and boot-cut pants in smoothing, comfortable knit fabric that stands up to wash after wash and looks great for a long, long time! The slim leg style is a cute alternative to leggings under a tunic or paired with a tank top and flowy open-front cardigan. If you love living in sweats, you will simply adore a pair of well-cut, well-made knit pants. Enjoy all the comfort of sweats, but with loads more style! An outfit like this would help you look polished-but-at-ease running your errands, volunteering with the foodbank or watching your child’s tennis lesson.


I know, it seems like an obvious answer, but it’s true! Leggings look extremely stylish with ballet flats or boots, low-cut sneakers or smoking slippers. You can pair them with a sporty hoodie, a slouchy cashmere sweater, or a buttery-soft chambray shirt. You always have lots of styling options with leggings, because they can be merchandised up or down—consider wearing black leggings and an oversized tuxedo jacket to your niece’s micro-wedding. It’s chic, sexy and still crazy comfortable! If you’ve been living in sweats, this is an after-five outfit that won’t feel too foreign.

Stretch Jeans

Hear me out: There are now jeans that are made of jegging material—super stretchy—and constructed with a full-elastic waist, but cut in the legs to have a slim-straight silhouette. From the thighs downward, you can enjoy the look of jeans, but there are no buttons or zippers, no pinch-points, and easy, stretchy material. You can wear these almost any way you would wear real 5-pocket jeans, although you might prefer to conceal the elastic waist. Any shirt or sweater that’s not cropped can do that! Stretch jeans styled with a button-up (untucked) and blazer would be a particularly great look for stopping into the office or hosting a Zoom meeting with clients. It’s business up front, comfort on the bottom, and you won’t have to worry if you need to stand up to get a file!


If you love living in sweats, you will go wild over the feeling of perfect freedom offered by a comfy dress! If there’s anything better than a soft elastic waist band, it’s no waist band at all. Browse dresses to find cozy knits—jersey and ponté are perennial favorites—that are as comfy as a nightie, but look professional as well as attractive. For working from home or online meetings, go bare-legged or wear leggings underneath your dress and keep on your favorite monogrammed house slippers. No one will ever know! If you want to leave the house, there is no rush to change, just pull on some boots or slip into some smoking slippers and you will look like the proverbial million bucks. Knit dresses provide great freedom of movement, feel good, and look great. Choose whichever silhouette works for your frame and figure, although we caution you that a sheath style is dressier and more restrictive than a T-shirt dress or fit-and-flare silhouette. Use your own best judgement, and stick with knits.

Wearing sweats non-stop can spoil you to complete comfort. The good news is that with a little thoughtful shopping and styling, you can preserve the superior comfort you get from sweats while wearing outfits that help you look and feel your polished, confident best! If you love living in sweats, try out one (or more) of these five pieces to enjoy cozy comfort while you exude put-together style.


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