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What to Wear When Lounging at Home

Lounging at home is a way of life. It’s what you do when you’re just plain tired, while you’re binge-watching your new favorite series, or when you just need to escape from the world, unwind, and regroup. You can only bring your best self to the table when you’ve hit the reset button, and the best way to do that is to relax!

But just because you’re chilling at home doesn’t mean you have to wear precisely what you wore in high school. Not that there’s anything wrong with gym shorts and a T-shirt, but with so many great women’s loungewear options available, you can easily revise your off-duty wardrobe to reflect your penchant for great style. Who says you have to sacrifice fashion to be comfortable? Here are a few easy outfits to wear when you’re lounging at home.

Comfortable Sweats

What’s soft, cozy, and feels like a blanket? Yep — women’s sweatshirts are destined to help you settle down and sink into complete bliss while you’re on the couch or curled up in bed. More than just an easy choice for at-home wear, the sweatshirt is one of the most versatile pieces you’ll ever own.

It’s easy to mix and match with your favorites. Throw it on with anything from shorts or leggings to jeans or matching sweatpants. The options are limitless. Even better, if you happen to step outside to grab the mail or walk the dog, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the wrath of the elements. Sweatshirts lock in body heat so that you stay warm even when the breeze picks up. They’re also perfect for layering over light T-shirts and tank tops.

Stretchy Leggings

If you’re seeking the perfect all day, everyday option, leggings are your best bet. Flexible pants have long been a staple in women’s wardrobes, but leggings are a hit for their versatility and adaptability. They move with you instead of restricting your motion, making them perfect for everything from an early morning yoga session to a chill session on the couch.

Leggings have that unusual way of feeling like absolutely nothing at all — which is a huge advantage when you don’t want to worry about wearing anything too thick or bulky. They won’t dig into your skin, and it’s simple to find a great fit. Prefer something with a little bit of a looser fit? Because they’re designed to conform to your body, they won’t hang off you, but instead, just offer a bit more wiggle room for added comfort.

Easy Pajamas

Yep, women’s pajamas feel great – and no, you don’t have to reserve them strictly for the bedroom. Why do that if you love the way that they feel? Many of the best pajamas are made with ultra-soft fabrics that brush gently against the skin.

On cooler days, for example, nothing spells comfort like flannel. Brushed on the inside for a superior finish, the effect is like a blanket, but without the added volume. If you prefer something lighter and cooler, try cotton pajamas. Cropped bottoms add something a little playful to your loungewear collection — just make sure that it has a flexible waist and a drawstring so that you can adjust the fit as needed throughout the day.

Breezy Dresses

Don’t let the idea of wearing a dress at home fool you. You don’t have to go anywhere special to wear one — but there’s no question you’ll feel amazing when you slip into one of your favorites even if you’re just hanging out at home, lounging, cooking, playing with the kids, or watching TV. The key? Wear a dress that qualifies as loungewear. They’re typically minimal, with a greater focus on soft texture and less attention paid to factors like cut and structure. You don’t need to go the refined route when you’re at home, after all — it’s all about sticking with flexible pieces that help you feel just a little bit more pulled together.

There are plenty of easy options to consider for your at-home wardrobe. Try a T-shirt dress if you want something that feels a touch more pulled together than your usual lounge attire, yet still offers the everyday comfort you need. The beauty of a tee dress is that it’s loose and forgiving. You can simply throw it on and start your day. Lounge dresses are equally appropriate to wear, of course, and you can even wear those to bed!

Creating the Ultimate Lounge Wardrobe

Lounging is the ultimate form of self-care. It allows you to detach from your responsibilities and refresh your outlook. Features like floaty silhouettes, light fabrics, and subtle colors all contribute to a well-rounded collection that helps you feel even more relaxed while you settle your mind, body, and soul.


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