Loungewear for the Laid-Back Dad

Loungewear for the Laid-Back Dad

Whether or not your dad has the ultimate laid-back personality, all dads need some loungewear in their lives. Perhaps he works hard and needs some downtime to himself on the weekend. Or maybe your dad is preparing an at-home movie night for the whole family? What better way to spend a movie night than in comfy, soft loungewear! Different dads like to relax in different ways, so not all loungewear is perfect for every dad’s laid-back style. We’ve figured out the best men’s loungewear for your laid-back dad, no matter how he likes to relax.

Handyman Dad

Some guys just like to relax by doing more things. This might sound counterintuitive if your style of relaxation is spa days and yoga classes, but some dads just enjoy getting busy with their hands as a way to relax. Finding Dad the perfect loungewear to get handy in might be the clothing he doesn’t even know he needs. Dads who relax by getting handy often enjoy woodworking, fixing things, and around-the-house maintenance tasks.

For all of his handyman endeavors, get Dad suited up with a pair of loosely fitted and comfy soft cotton jeans and a relaxed men’s flannel shirt or soft cotton T-shirt. If running the power drill on Sunday makes him feel happy and relaxed, then make sure he’s got the comfortable clothes for the job.

Chef Dad

While some dads like power tools, others prefer getting creative in the kitchen as their form of kicking back and relaxing. Whether he’s trying that new chicken dish or baking up another loaf of sourdough, you want to be sure he’s got the best clothes for embodying his inner chef. Make sure he has a comfortable pair of pants, an apron, and a great pair of men’s slippers to keep him happy and relaxed on his feet.

Gamer Dad

For the dad who likes to sit back on the sofa and play video games, he will need the ultimate laid-back sweatsuit. A soft pair of men’s sweatpants, a light pullover sweatshirt, and a good pair of socks will do the job perfectly. He’ll probably want loads of mobility to move around, lay back, stretch, and lean forward so he can feel completely comfortable while he games away in the virtual universe. If your dad is the laid-back gamer type, then be sure he has a few sets of sweatpants to see him through lazy days on the sofa.

Sport Dad

Many dads love sports. Whether they’re playing or watching, sports is their way to relax and unwind. And, whether they’re on the field or on the couch, loungewear is what they need. A perfect pair of men’s lounge shorts and a good old-fashioned hoodie may be all he needs to get totally into relaxation mode. Give him an extra treat and make sure his sweatshirt or hoodie has the name and logo of his favorite sports team so he can fully relax in style.

Nature Dad

For many people, unwinding and finding relaxation means spending time in nature. Whether it’s just sitting outside or going on a hike in the woods, nature has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure and stimulate the brand of our nervous system that tells us to rest, relax, and restore. If your dad loves nature, then be sure to get him the right loungewear for spending time in the great outdoors. Choose loungewear that has a more active dimension to it, meaning shorts, pants, and shirts that are moisture-wicking and insulating so they can be used for couch time as well as trail time. If your dad loves being outside during off-hours, then be sure to gift him loungewear made for the weather and activity for his outdoorsy lifestyle.

Bookworm Dad

We think just about every dad loves to curl up in his favorite armchair and read. Whether he’s into books, newspapers, magazines, or his tablet, Bookworm Dad seems to exist in just about every dad. Help Dad relax a little better into his easy chair with the perfect loungewear for the job. A great men’s robe, soft cotton T-shirt, and pair of comfortable lounge pants should be just what he needs to settle nicely into his favorite chair.

Every Dad

While each dad likes to relax in different ways, there are certain loungewear pieces that just about every dad needs for his laid-back lifestyle. Luckily, loungewear has become super fashionable and trendy these days. It’s helped that most people have spent a year mainly at home, making companies rush to design the coolest and more comfortable loungewear for everyone in the family. Choosing a pair of soft and well-fitting lounge pants with a simple soft cotton T-shirt and a high-quality sweatshirt is always going to win when it comes to laid-back Dad. Fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and modal are especially comfortable for relaxing in as they are soft, lightweight, and breathable. And, of course, never underestimate a perfect set of pajamas.

Even though most dads don’t think they need anything in terms of clothes, you’ll surely surprise him by showing him that he’s been missing out all these years on his favorite loungewear.


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