Lounge Wear

Lounge wear for a snow day.

Checking the news to see if it will be a snow day is one of the most exciting things about being a kid. You wake up early to check the news to see how many closings and cancellations there are. Outside the snow is really coming down. And for the next 30 minutes you’re laser focused on the ticker hoping that your school will pop up so that you can stay in your pajamas for the rest of the day.

Well, you’re an adult now and not much has changed. Since you got the good news that your boss is calling off the workday in favor of a perfect snow day, what are you going to lounge around the house in?

The matching pajamas look.

It’s not quite as formal as what you were going to wear to work but if you and the kids want to celebrate a snow day and aren’t sure how exactly: turn it into a matching family pajamas day.

Bring out the board games, dust off the family videos; today is its own spontaneous holiday. What better than to celebrate it in matching pajamas all day?

The ‘no sweat, no worries’ sweats.

If the tuxedo is indicative of the most formal of outfits, sweatpants and sweatshirts are the cozy alternative. You’re not planning on doing anything all day. Maybe you’ll do laundry, or reorganize the bookshelf in a new way, but since you’re not at work you’re making the most of it.

Blue jeans, flannel shirt, and some wool socks.

You woke up and felt ready to go to work. You were actually a bit excited. You woke up ready to go and knew it would be a productive day.

Now you have that same energy to get a few tasks around the house done. This “task outfit” of blue jeans and a flannel shirt will be lounge-worthy as much as it will feel like the uniform for today’s stay at home workday.

You’ll be dressed well enough to feel able to get things done around the house while at the same time you can sit back and do the crossword…well yesterday’s crossword since today’s is buried in the snow.

Robe and slippers.

The King and Queen of lounging around: the robe and slippers combo.

Yep we get it. You got the day off and now you’re sitting pretty in a flannel robe and slippers without a care in the world. This calls for an introspective look out the window panes…at least once every few hours. Take it all in. Today is a great day. Especially with a robe as cozy as that.

Nightgown all day.

When you want to start your day off as comfortable as you possibly can, you call in the nightgown. Once you finally get out of bed to make a cup of coffee you might feel obligated to curl up in a window seat and get to a full day of reading. That book you only got 10 pages into is perfect for a snow day like this. With a nightgown you won’t want to be doing anything else. Maybe we’ll start calling it the “snow day gown.”

Fleece all around.

When you’re wearing a fleece top and bottom around the house, you might wonder why human beings even go to work. Or rather, why don’t we all go to work as comfortable as possible? Meetings in pajamas? Yeah that sounds incredible. Call them “Fleecings” or don’t call them anything at all.

After today, show up to work in your favorite fleece outfit and see how long it takes for your coworkers to notice. You know what, that may not go over well. But it’s a well-intentioned thought and we’re glad you’re having a great day.

The dress for success look.

You got a company wide email about the snow day as you were pulling out of the driveway. You were ready to work but the last second call out means you get to wear that outfit twice this week without any eye rolls. It’s an old trick in the book.

Maybe a tunic and leggings aren’t your first choice for lounging around the house, but they’ll certainly be comfy for the first part of the day. Ease into the lounge wear with some slippers and you’re well on your way.

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