Looking for Unique Wedding Gift Ideas?

Looking for Unique Wedding Gift Ideas?

Are you getting ready to watch a dear friend or beloved family member walk down the aisle and need a perfect gift? Take a peek at these eight unique and thoughtful wedding gift ideas. Every time the couple uses your thoughtful and unique wedding gift, they’ll think of you and their special day. Ready to take your gift-giving to the next level? Consider these eight unique wedding gifts and choose one that matches your gift-giving style and the happy couple’s lifestyle.

Picnic Basket Wedding Gifts

Packing a picnic basket wedding gift is a special way to share a gift with the newlyweds. Choose a chunky basket or personalized tote. Then add items like dinnerware service for two, edgy sun hats for sun protection, and throw pillows for watching the clouds on a beautiful summer afternoon. One or two monogrammed throw blankets are also useful for the couple when spreading out the picnic and relaxing outdoors.

Movie Night Monogrammed Tote

A monogrammed tote packed with movie night goodies makes another unique wedding gift. Consider tucking some of the couple’s favorite gourmet snacks into the bag for snacking while enjoying a film. Add a mood-setting scented candle to the tote along with a large serving bowl for the couple to use while enjoying some popcorn, chips, or chopped-up fresh vegetables and dip. All that’s left is for the couple to choose a special movie and their preferred snacks and treats.

Ready-for-Adventure Backpack

Hunting a special gift for a couple that loves spending time outdoors hiking or camping? Pack some special items in a personalized backpack for a gift that goes beyond bath towel sets and bed linens. While those are also great wedding gifts, this is for the couple that’s inspired by sleeping in a tent or canoeing up a stream. Add a small cheese board and knife set the couple can use to enjoy some brie in the fresh outdoor air. Tuck some outerwear accessories, like his-and-hers gloves or hats, into a side pocket to keep your newly married friends comfortable.

Weekend Brunch Kit

Help the couple celebrate married life with a weekend brunch kit. Include bigger items like cozy monogrammed robes and matching monogrammed slippers. Or, you can prepare for the wedding season without adding personalized items by stocking up on nonperishable items for a brunch kit. Then when you’re ready, pack up a smaller basket of nonperishable gourmet breakfast foods and condiments. Include some napkins, plates, or insulated mugs for the couple to enjoy over a slow-paced meal or while reading the Sunday paper and nibbling on croissants.

Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized gifts, like a cutting board with the couple’s initials, offer a way to make a special gift into a unique gift idea. Choosing monogrammed wedding gifts, such as a cheese board, stemless wine glasses, and drinkware that are decorated with the bride and groom’s initials, shows you took the time to order a gift ahead of time. It tells your loved ones how special they are to you since you ordered ahead to get personalized items. It can also turn a simple wedding gift into a unique and treasured keepsake.

Parlor Ice Cream Mixing Set

Celebrate the sweetness of marriage with a gift representing sweetness that can be enjoyed for years. This idea starts with a parlor ice cream mixing set that has a marble slab for mixing toppings into ice cream and accessories for serving the frozen treats. This is a great gift on its own, or you can add some stunning serving bowls to the package to round out the gift and make it even more satisfying to give.

Personalized Doormats

Doormats aren’t traditional wedding gifts, and that makes giving personalized doormats to the happy couple is even more unique. It’s the type of gift that will be on display in the couple’s home for years, with their initials in bold letters to create a welcoming aura for guests. Consider making it part of a welcome home basket by pairing it with a pretty wreath that matches the doormat and the couple’s decor.

Personalized Luxury Soaps

Personalized luxury soaps add a touch of style to the guest bathroom and make an interesting wedding gift. Plus, these decorative soaps can be paired with other monogrammed items, such as bath linens, to create a matched theme. Choose soaps that are made for sensitive skin and that have delicate, water-based fragrances for an elegant and special gift. Also, consider a set of soaps that are packaged in a decorative box that’s pretty enough to display.

Using organization items, such as seagrass baskets to build a gift basket or set your friends can use together helps them make special memories. It also gives you the opportunity to inject a bit of your personal style into the gift, making it even more unique and special.


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