Best Long Underwear for Women: Why You Need a Set

Best Long Underwear for Women: Why You Need a Set

Forget the age-old notion that long underwear is just for skiing. Sure, it’s a great accessory for staying warm on the slopes, but there’s so much more to women’s long underwear than a goofy underlayer. With so much versatility and uses, long underwear is an absolute staple in any winter wardrobe. Here are a few reasons why you need a set of warm long underwear for women this winter.

Play Outside

One of the most obvious uses for long underwear is to play outside. Throw on some long underwear under your favorite women’s sweater for an added layer of cozy warmth that will keep you warm during that famous family snowball fight. Slap on a pair of long johns underneath your snow pants for the extra warmth you need for a day on the slopes. Long underwear is most famous for its ability to keep you warm while you play (or work) outdoors. That’s the main reason most people own a pair (or three), but what else can you use your long underwear for?

Win the Thermostat Battle

Keep your household bills down this winter season by layering up instead of cranking the thermostat. Thin long underwear underneath your favorite pair of women’s jeans goes a long way to keep you toasty and warm without wasting energy. A high-end pair of long johns will keep you warm without adding bulk to your outfit, so your pants and shirts still fit perfectly. You’ll save energy and money off your monthly bill with a simple clothing solution that enables you to keep temperatures lower.

This works particularly well in a household where everyone battles over the thermostat. Instead of arguing over the t-stat, simply set it and get your family a pair of cozy long underwear. That way the family can relax in comfort, without causing a battle royale over the temperature of the house.

Stay Cozy in a Drafty Office

A lot of office buildings keep temperatures low to accommodate a large amount of body heat generated by people gathered in an office. This can spell disaster if you naturally run a little colder, or your cubicle is located underneath a drafty vent. Combat the cold with a set of long underwear to wear underneath your office getup.

Many pairs of long underwear are now made thinner so you can put a layer underneath a variety of women’s cotton sweaters and even dress pants. If you find out you’re running too hot, it’s easy to change in the bathroom, but having that extra layer comes in handy on drafty days.

Layer up for Style Points

You don’t have to hide your long underwear while you wear it. Instead, celebrate it! Cozy waffle base layers are a hot new trend, so show off your long johns this season by layering up. Let your long underwear peep through beneath a women’s cashmere cardigan or layer a matching colored long underwear top underneath your favorite plaid shirt.

Other unique ways to show off your long underwear include letting the cuffs peep through the ends of a sweater or sporting it as a base layer underneath your favorite blouse. Get your long johns in fun and funky patterns and simply wear them like a shirt. There are endless ways to wear long underwear.

Travel Savvy

When you’re traveling, you want your clothing to serve as many functions as possible, which is what makes long underwear the perfect travel layer. You can sport a funky long underwear top as a shirt for long plane rides, then double up and sleep in the cozy undergarments. If you’re traveling to a cold-weathered city, double up by wearing a pair of long underwear under your corduroy pants for women. You’ll get added protection against the biting wind. When you get back to your hotel, you can snuggle up and relax in your silk long underwear for women without even having to change.

PJ Perfect

Long underwear can easily be worn as a pair of pajamas. The whole family will love getting cozy together with matching pairs. Or grab a pair in everyone’s favorite color. Since long underwear is so versatile, it does double duty as sleepwear too.

Everyone needs a pair of long underwear to stay warm and cozy this winter. No matter what the elements throw your way, you’ll be prepared with this staple layer designed to provide you with the warmth you need. The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice style to stay warm.


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