6 Reasons Long Underwear Are a Travel Essential

6 Reasons Long Underwear Are a Travel Essential

Long underwear often is portrayed as silly undergarments that don’t have a purpose in the modern world. If you've ever worn the right pair, you know that’s far from the truth. Long underwear is an essential, lightweight layer that can provide just as much function as style while you travel. Here’s a look at six reasons why you need to pack your long johns the next time you travel.

1. Keep Warm While Wearing Your Favorite Clothing

Have you ever gotten the shivers on a cold day while wearing your favorite pair of straight leg jeans? We’ve got the chills just thinking about it! Slip on a pair of lightweight long underwear and you’ll find yourself cozy and warm while still being able to wear your favorite clothing. Long underwear keeps you warm without creating too much bulk. No one even has to know you’re wearing it! This makes it an awesome travel companion. Instead of bringing bulky, fleecy pants or dealing with being in a constant state of slightly cold, you can slip on a fitted pair of long underwear and keep your gams cozy all day long.

2. Do Double Duty

If you’re traveling to a particularly cold climate, ditch the women’s pajamas and pack your long underwear instead. With today’s fabric technology, many synthetic pairs of long underwear include anti-microbial and anti-odor technology, meaning you can wear your long underwear more than once and not feel stale. For lightweight packers, this is a godsend, since you can use your long underwear to sleep in and don’t have to bother packing bulky pajamas. For extremely cold climates, this means you’ll have a cozy, toasty night’s sleep no matter how frightening the winter weather becomes.

3. Kids Stay Cozy

Kids always seem to find something to complain about while they are in transit. They are hot, they are cold, and they are constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” Take the nagging out of winter travel with a fun pair of long johns the kids will be excited about. Let them pick their favorite pair to bring along. That way they can stay warm and it’s one less thing to worry about. And if they get too hot, select a pair of long underwear for kids that has fun prints or designs and let it double up as a long-sleeved kid’s tee shirt. That way the whole family can travel in comfort and you can focus on the fun instead of the complaining.

4. Pack (and Worry) Less

We already mentioned how many pairs of long underwear provide anti-odor properties. This makes long underwear well-suited for travel when you may need to wear an item more than once. Instead of having to pack a heaping pile of clothing, you can pack a few pairs of long underwear that serve multiple purposes. One of the best ways to travel is to select clothing and styles that serve more than one purpose. That way you can minimize what you bring with you for a more relaxing getaway.

5. Perfect for the Long Haul

Long days spent in transit are always a mixed bag. You’re tired, you’re achy, you’re hungry, but you don’t need to feel uncomfortable with what you’re wearing. Long underwear is designed to be comfortable for all-day wear and to protect you against the constant temperature changes as you go from buses and vehicles to planes and trains. Long underwear keeps your temperature regulated so you can travel in comfort and style. Couple a women’s sweater with some long underwear to stay warm and cozy as you explore.

6. Back to Basics

Instead of packing tons of basic tanks, tees, and cotton turtlenecks, simply pack long underwear instead. Let the layers do double duty by being your base layer and providing you the warmth you need during your vacay. Throw a long underwear top underneath an itchy sweater or that cute flannel shirt you’ve been dying to show off this season. Use your favorite color and fun patterns, and wear your long underwear as a basic layer on top and match with your favorite corduroy pants.

Long underwear not only provides comfort and warmth while you’re on the go, but it can also be fashionable if you’re creative. Instead of packing your entire winter wardrobe for your next getaway, consider letting a couple of pairs of long underwear do the heavy lifting. You’ll have a worry-free vacay that allows you to focus on relaxing instead of managing a mountain of clothing.


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