Long Sleeve Sweater vs. Hoodie: Which is Best for Lounging?

Long Sleeve Sweater vs. Hoodie: Which is Best for Lounging?

Long sleeve sweatshirts and hoodies for women both dominate the comfort zone in everyone's closet. If you love to lounge, you may already have a go-to outfit for your indoor inactivity. With a little bit of extra thought (no effort though, we promise), you'll come to realize that you prefer one type of warm wrap up over another. Read on to find out more about whether a long sleeve sweater or a hoodie is best for lounging. Then grab a pair of slippers and your fluffiest pillow and get started on your next book, puzzle, snack, or TV show.


No matter the neckline or cut, long sleeve sweaters are the coziest of all sweater options. Long sleeves give you that full upper body hug, help you stay warm, and make you a perfect snuggle buddy. From quarter-zip fleeces to women's cashmere sweaters, your options are almost endless.

Consider what kind of sweater you love to wear, but don't base your final decision on your normal fashion choices. Women's loungewear is in a league of its own, with considerations you might not take into account in your normal day-to-day dressing checklist. Shifting around on the couch and under blankets might make your cashmere start to pill, so opt for a cotton or fleece sweater for comfy time. If your lounging includes any sort of arm movements, from reaching into the popcorn bowl to trying to finish that puzzle or craft project, be sure your long sleeves aren't too flowy, or you'll run the risk of making a mess.

You've got a diversity of options when it comes to sweaters, and your best choice is the one that makes you feel at home in your skin. Crew necks are a timeless look but might bother some loungers if they don't want something touching their neck. Similarly, a turtleneck sweater might be a classic go-to for a special outing but can feel constrictive once you're under the throw blanket trying to relax. Aim for a scoop or V-neck to avoid unnecessary skin rubbing while you find that perfect spot to curl up in.


Hoodies are incredibly comfortable sweater options for any cool weather outing or comfy indoor lounging. Most often made with cotton, terry, or fleece, hoodies are great for getting warm or staying cozy. While they can be roomy and relaxed, there are plenty of hoodies that are more form-fitting and offer a genuinely graceful silhouette. Whichever cut you choose, there's one thing you'll always get: a hood. Look for hoodies with hoods that actually reach over your head, since there are definitely some out there that were sewn on just for looks. Your hood should be there to help keep you warm and cozy.

If you have sensory sensitivities, a hoodie can go either way. You might love the feeling of a hood over your head, drowning out some of the sounds around you and creating a sense of focus on what's in front of you. Or, it might just wreck your mood to feel the hood shifting around your neck or mussing up your hair while you're trying to relax. Another benefit to a hoodie is having the option of wearing almost anything underneath, especially if you've chosen a more relaxed fit. The best way to find out is to try it out and see what works best for you.

Another common style feature, though not always included, is a kangaroo pouch or side pockets. Even your hands get to lounge around with a hoodie. Just be sure, similar to a long sleeve sweater, that your sleeves are fitted enough that they don't knock anything over and require any unnecessary movement when you've finally found that sweet spot on the couch.

The Finer Details

Your choice also depends on what kind of lounging you plan to do. Sitting on the back porch or in the yard around the fire pit with friends might call for a different option than cozying up on the couch watching TV or reading a book. Also, if you think your lounging might turn into a nap or all-night sleep, go for a long sleeve sweater. Otherwise, you might end up tangled up in your hood, which could lead to bad sleep or a sore neck in the morning.

Of the two options, a long sleeve sweater is usually the more put-together look. But if you're lounging, the most important thing to focus on is how you feel. If you can't choose between the two, just have one of each handy. Whatever calls to you at that moment is what you should go for. Plus, if you've got both in your wardrobe and you plan to lounge outside on a colder day, layer your hoodie over your sweater for optimal warmth and coziness. However you lounge, make sure you love what you're wearing.


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