Little-Known Spring Holidays to Celebrate

Little-Known Spring Holidays for When You Need a Reason to Celebrate

Easter. Mother’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day. What do these three holidays have in common? They’re all extremely popular spring holidays, of course! However, there are plenty of lesser-known holidays you can celebrate to spice things up in your life. What’s life without a bit more fun, anyway? Keep reading for little-known holidays you can celebrate.

Holi—Varies in March

Spring starts at the end of March, and Holi is a great way to ring in the season. You may be asking, “What is Holi?” Holi is a two-day festival that signifies the victory of good over evil. The holiday also celebrates the beginning of a good harvest season. Perfect for spring’s arrival! Holi originated in India and takes place on different dates each year in March. It’s also known as the festival of colors—celebrations include loads of colors. This holiday can inspire you to gift your friends some colorful bouquets in seagrass baskets or vases as a kind gesture to welcome the season.

National Siblings Day—April 10

Even if you’re close to your siblings, you might not have heard of National Siblings Day. Due to social media, the holiday has been gaining more steam these days. You may see people posting silly throwback photos featuring their siblings as tots. There’s nothing wrong with another holiday celebrating family love. What can you do to celebrate this holiday? You don’t have to make it into a “thing” if you think that’ll be too cheesy. You can express your love for your siblings online. Or perhaps you can recreate childhood photos. For example, let’s say you have a favorite photo featuring you and your siblings wearing matching pajamas. Recreate that photo for kicks and giggles and post it online.

Earth Day—April 22

Earth Day is an annual holiday that promotes environmental protection. There are plenty of activities you can do to give back to your community. You can clean up a beach, park, or lake. You can volunteer at a community garden. You can even raise money for a non-profit seeking to make a significant impact on our planet. Plan something to do with your friends, co-workers, or neighborhoods. You might even start an annual movement and meet new friends every year with the same drive to make a change on our planet.

If you have kids, this holiday is such a fun way to educate them about various environmental issues, from pollution to global warming. Consider an Earth Day scavenger hunt—where they’ll seek out various critters and natural treasures. You can also trek through nature with your kiddos. Dress them up in comfortable kids’ jeans or cargo pants matched with T-shirts and sneakers with traction. Have them explore nature’s beauty and draw what they discovered the most once they arrive back home. There are just so many adventures you and your family can go on in celebration of our Earth!

Take Your Child to Work Day—Varies in April

These days, so many people are working from home. However, there are still plenty of ways you can acknowledge this holiday. It’s good for kids to get a glimpse into your working life—what you do to provide for them. This holiday is also a way for kids to explore potential career paths. In a virtual world, your kids can still shadow your work life. They don’t have to go as far as to dress up in button-down shirts, blouses, or work dresses. However, you can set a “workspace” for them. Little ones can have crayons to keep them busy. Older kids may be able to “help” you with actual work. Perhaps they can meet a couple of your colleagues and ask questions about what they do for a living.

Teacher Appreciation Day—May 4

Three cheers for our teachers, those wonderful people who are patient and intelligent enough to teach the next generation! Teachers deserve so much respect. A great way to show your appreciation to your children’s favorite teachers is by giving gifts. You can give them something personal, such as a monogrammed canvas tote bag for all their supplies and essentials. Consider something representing relaxation, such as super-soft, cushioned slippers, and a plush robe. An easy crowd-pleaser is a snack basket full of yummy treats, such as chocolates, chips, granola bars, and bottled water—things they can snack on throughout the day. For a creative gift, work with your little ones to make something that’ll make their hearts smile. Let your kiddos paint pots or mason jars for your teachers’ plants in class. Or your children can construct a pencil holder from pencils or popsicle sticks. Your kids have plenty of options for creating something special for the teachers they love.

There are plenty of celebrations throughout spring to keep you and your family busy. You don’t always have to stick to what you know—spice things up every year with a new holiday to celebrate. Better yet? Make up your own holiday! You never know if an idea you have can blossom into something greater. So, go forth and discover something new to celebrate!


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