Best Lightweight Jackets for Spring

5 Best Lightweight Spring Jackets

It’s hard to have too many jackets and easy to justify the need for different jackets for different scenarios. There are jackets ideal for certain weather — like long winter coats and rain jackets — jackets that are best for certain functions and jackets that are go-to options during most seasons. The beginning of spring brings the need for even more jackets because of spring’s unpredictable weather and its frequent rainstorms throughout most of the country ... you know the saying. April showers bring May flowers.

There are a number of must-have jackets for the springtime weather, and we’re here to help you learn all about them.

A Rain Jacket

To many people’s delight, flowers, trees, and plants bloom in the spring, but flowers only bloom thanks to the increased amount of rainfall that waters the soil. Meaning, spring is a rainy season in most of the United States.

One of our high-quality women’s raincoats is an essential spring jacket that will keep you dry on any rainy day. Our rain jackets are waterproof and come in a range of colors and styles, including sizes for plus-size petite ladies, too.

It’s important to get a rain jacket that is water-resistant and is lightweight enough to be worn throughout the springtime months, even when the weather starts to get warmer. There are many lightweight rain jackets available and they will all keep you dry during any April showers.

A Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are one of those items that somehow never go out of style and look just as good on your teenage daughter as they do on your parent. Jean jackets are breezy and casual, yet can be dressed up when worn with the right maxi dress and espadrilles. On a sunny spring day, a jean jacket is a go-to jacket that provides a light layer of warmth but won’t make you overheat in moderate weather.

Plus, jean jackets are outfitted with many convenient pockets so you can easily leave your purse at home when running a quick errand. Just slip your keys and cardholder into one of the pockets and you’re set to conquer the day.

A Trench Coat

While some people think rain jackets and trench coats go hand-in-hand, the two styles actually couldn’t be more different. Trench coats typically end around mid-thigh, come in classic collars like tan, olive, and black, and have a distinct button-front style that makes the wearer look as stylish as can be. Trench coats are a great lightweight jacket for a grey spring day and look great when worn with business casual attire like pencil skirts or work dresses.

Traditionally, they don’t have a hood, so trenchcoats are best worn on days when you won’t be outside in the rain. They are normally made from water-resistant fabric, though, so can handle occasional drizzle. Trench coats have an effortless look that is truly timeless. So, your go-to trenchcoat will never go out of style.

A Fleece Jacket

Fleece may be synonymous with the cold weather, but when worn on their own, fleece sweaters are great for spring weather. Do you know how spring mornings are chilly, with even a touch of winter still in the air? A fleece pullover top will keep you warm on your morning jog but won’t make you look like you’re stuck in a winter mindset — as a down coat would.

A fleece pullover is easy to throw on when going out for an outdoor workout or when running a few low-key errands and looks great with any of your favorite spring pants. Try it with your go-to jeans, yoga pants, leggings, or a pair of capri pants. For shoes, slip on athletic sneakers or slip-on shoes for a look that will keep you comfortable all day.

A Barn Coat

A rugged barn coat was originally made for farmers doing work in the barn — they’re normally waterproof, easy to move in, and lightweight. Throughout the spring months, a barn coat can be a welcome addition to any coat closet. Barn coats are warm enough to fight off any spring breeze yet lightweight enough to keep you cool as the weather starts to warm.

Barn coats are often button-up styles that have a classically preppy look thanks to their intricate details and understated style. Barn coats are a little more unexpected when it comes to spring lightweight jacket style, too, so you’ll stand out when you wear this timeless coat.

The options are endless when it comes to lightweight jackets for spring, and you may even want to purchase more than one so you’re prepared for all that mother nature has to offer.


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