Lightweight Jackets for the Fall Weather

Lightweight Jackets for the Fall Weather

Fall is a favorite season for many people because of its refreshing weather and festive holidays. It gives us the first taste of “sweater weather” we’ve had in months, opens up opportunities for outdoor fall fun, and invites stylish outerwear into the wardrobe once more. As the weather changes, the fluctuation of warm and cool weather of fall makes it necessary to bring a jacket with you. To adapt to the cooling temperatures, it’s best to have a coat that's not too heavy. This is why having a few lightweight jackets in your closet can make you fully prepared for all the whims of fall weather.

Whether it’s just slightly chilly or you need to keep out the rain, there’s a jacket to meet your seasonal needs. The trick is to pick the right material and style to lock in just the right amount of heat. This can be a feat when the weather can be warm one day and brisk the next, but having an assortment of outerwear in your closet can prepare you for anything. Stay comfortable and stylish without overheating when you have just enough coverage for the crisp days ahead. Here are some of the best lightweight jackets for the fall weather.

Stay Warm Without Being Weighed Down in Fleece Jackets

Keeping ultra-light fleece jackets in strategic locations can have you ready for any changes in temperature. Keep one at work, in your vehicle, and your hallway closet so that you have the option for another layer close at hand. Fleece is an excellent seasonal fabric for fall jackets because it’s thin, light, yet brushed within to allow its fibers to trap in some heat. It can be the only jacket you need when the weather is just a little cool, then be an essential base layer for winter outerwear. Select different styles such as fleece pullovers, zip-up jackets, and sweater fleece blazer jackets. Overall, this versatile piece has plenty of replay value and longevity, being an essential item from early fall to late spring. For fuss-free dressing, get a fleece jacket that has antistatic and anti-pill finishes so that your hair will stay in place when taking it on and off.

Keep Shivers Away with Raincoats

Fall can have plenty of rain in the forecast as warm and cold temperatures weave in and out of your area. But the difference between fall and summer rain is that when it rains in the fall, getting wet can make you feel uncomfortably cold. This makes keeping your clothing dry non-negotiable during pumpkin picking season. To stay dry and warm, get one of the best raincoats that have a soft lining of cotton or fleece.

Though basic raincoats have just the waterproof material throughout, an extra interior lining makes all the difference in your comfort and warmth. Upgrade to premium styles like windproof, waterproof raincoats that have a fleece lining to tough out even the windiest, coldest fall deluges. You’ll be glad you invested in a coat that works instead of settling for something to just get you through the season. A good quality raincoat can also last for years, so it’s worth the search!

Feel Cozy in a Barn Jacket

Barn jackets are among the ultimate outerwear essentials for the fall. They look like cozy sweaters, but function like a jacket. Consider it the happy medium between a sweater and jacket. When you feel too hot, simply take it off and wear your shirt or sweater alone. Its timeless quilted exterior and button-up fastenings enable it to match with everything — from your favorite fleece leggings to jeans.

With a tailored but not-too-tight fit, you can easily wear cozy sweaters and women's scarves underneath without having trouble with fastening the buttons or losing its flattering cut. With so many cute patterns and colors available, you can enjoy the fall season in style too. Barn jackets are also light enough to be worn indoors as a comfortable extra layer to keep warm during the winter. The perfect cozy-up-to-the-fireplace top, it can go with you from the front porch to your next log cabin getaway.

Honorable Mention: Peacoats

Though they're not jackets per se, wool-blend women's peacoats definitely have a place in the world of fall outerwear. This coat is ideal for areas where falls are cold, and it’s a good fall-to-winter transitional coat. Made of dense and soft melton, this button-to-fasten coat has a timeless, alluring style that suits everyone. The oversized notch collar can be left open on warmer days or fully buttoned up on colder days. This is truly a coat that can adapt to the many changes in temperature that happen during the fall — a genuine lifesaver when you don’t know what coat to take with you!

By wearing these lightweight jackets, you can be elegantly stylish and comfortable, no matter what kind of fall weather you encounter.


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