Life is a Party; Dress for It!

Life is a Party; Dress for It!

In the past year, comfort has become a major priority as we nested at home. When you work, eat, socialize and pursue your recreation in a single spot, it’s natural to lean in to wearing your joggers and softest T-shirts every moment of every day. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Believe me, we here at Lands’ End know a thing or two about getting comfy, and encourage you to get comfy, too! At the same time, comfort isn’t dreary or sloppy. Comfort is a celebration of being where you want to be, with whom you want to be, at peace in your mind and body. Comfort is an ideal! With that in mind, remember that life is a party, so dress for it!

Basics Don’t Have to be Neutral

Jeans go with everything, and indigo washes of different shades are the standard. But consider jeans in olive, lilac or rose! Inject a little color where it is least expected to liven up your day as well as your outfit. You know you need tees in white and heather grey, but just for fun, grab one in bright tie-dye or a splashy floral. You might be surprised by how much color can lift your mood. Make any morning special when you pull a blouse printed with flamingoes or little whales out of your closet. They go just as well with your jeans or Bermuda shorts as plain white or blue, but the fun, festive air about them will make the whole day a little brighter!

Accessorize for Fun

Personally, my favorite belt is a bright Kelly green. Even if I’m wearing it out of necessity—I’ve got a sizable derriere and a relatively small waist—and no one can see it under the hem of my T-shirt, I know it’s there. That pop of color makes me smile when I see it coiled on the shelf in my closet as well as when I reach for something on a high shelf and see it reflected in the bathroom mirror or kitchen window. That color is for me. Consider wearing a colorful belt, as I do, or perhaps a brightly patterned tank under your everyday hoodie. When you choose a pareo for poolside, think about getting the brightest one rather than plain black or navy. You need face masks for running errands, so get pink or floral instead of plain white. Clothing is meant to be fun, and accessories are the icing on the cake!

Comfy can still be fun

You might be thinking, “Sweats are sweats and they’re not supposed to be cute. Just comfy.” Yeah. . . no. Right here at Lands’ End you can find incomparable Serious Sweats in jazzy orange, fresh pink or fresh tie-dye patterns. Activewear leggings and skorts come in reliable neutrals you need, but also in fun starburst and mosaic prints. Choose one of those just for you—something that will give you a lift every time you see it! And comfy doesn’t have to mean sweats or leggings, anyway. We’re committed to helping you be comfortable all the time, which is why you will find T-shirt dresses that are as comfortable as nighties and wrap dresses as comfortable as T-shirts! You can wear a polished dress designed for comfort, with no binding or pinch-points, and feel completely at your ease in soft, breathable fabric for enjoyable airiness. At Lands’ End, comfy extends to every area of our collection, so you don’t have to stick to sweats when you want to experience total relaxation.

Life’s a party at home, too

Another place you deserve a little fun is in your bedroom—as in, colorful printed bed sheets! For years, I bought white sheets because they are clean and spa-like. And while that is true, when I was a guest in someone else’s home, I deeply envied their brightly patterned sheets. It made me wonder how on earth I got stuck in a colorless rut. Consider sheets in cheery gingham or fresh floral, and be amazed at how you feel making up the bed. You cannot do it without smiling at the pretty color and joyful print!

Bath towels with pretty borders, beach towels in bright colors, printed bathmats and monogrammed doormats are all simple ways to inject a bit of color and fun into the practical things you need anyway. That’s just as important as the cheerful knickknacks, artwork and decorative accents you choose for your home. You can dress your home for the party, too!

We all need to choose joy right now

It’s been a hard year. This is a time when we can all choose joy, starting with the clothing we wear and the things we use every day. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort when you lean in to color and pattern to make your clothing fun and festive! “Life is a party; dress like it” doesn’t mean you need to wear a sequined gown to the grocery store—no judgement if you want to, of course!—but it does mean that we hope you will find a way to include elements that make you smile in even your most comfortable outfits!


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