Leggings vs. Pants: Which Works Best?

Leggings vs. Pants: Which Work Best?

Can’t decide if you are more of a leggings or pants kind of person? Why not be both? There’s no reason why you can’t have both of these fashion staples in your wardrobe collection. There are days when you may want to snuggle up on the couch in a comfy pair of leggings and binge-watch your favorite TV show, and there are other days when you might want to make a bold fashion statement with a pair of colorful, patterned pants. If you are thinking about which to wear and when, take a look at this helpful guide to discover the benefits of both.

Where Are You Going?

These days, there are a lot of environments where you will have no problem showing up in leggings. The idea of showing up to the office in a pair of leggings is generally accepted today. Being able to wear leggings in a professional setting all comes down to how you incorporate leggings into your outfit. A pair of leggings with a nice blouse, a sharp blazer, a skirt, and some stylish heels? You’ll look just as good as you might in a pantsuit or more traditionally professional pants like trousers.

What Are You Doing?

Whether you wear leggings or pants also depends on what you are doing. Are you lounging around the house all afternoon on a lazy Saturday or working from home? You’ll be comfortable in a pair of soft, stretchy leggings or a pair of comfortable jeans. Are you hitting the gym? In this case, opting for leggings will ensure ease of movement. If you are heading to the grocery store or going for a hike in the woods, both leggings or women’s jeans would be acceptable. A sharp pantsuit with a dressy pair of heels and tasteful jewelry would work in a formal setting like a wedding.

The Benefits of Leggings

It's hard to even begin to list off all the benefits and uses of leggings in one short paragraph. But we can highlight a few. Leggings are versatile: they can be worn in an office setting, at the gym, on vacation, at the store, out to eat ... the list goes on and on. Leggings can also be styled in an endless variety of ways. If you want to achieve a trendy, casual look, you could pair leggings with white sneakers, an oversized tee, and a stylish jacket like denim or even leather.

And though black leggings and jeggings tend to be the most popular color and style choices, there are plenty of leggings out there that come in a variety of solid colors, multi-color designs, and patterns. If you ever wanted to make a splashy fashion statement with leggings, you can, thanks to the variety in style, color, and design. Finally, the advantage of leggings is that they allow for flexibility. So, if you know you’re going to be in a situation where you want to be comfortable to the max – such as a long flight or a rainy-day movie marathon – leggings are the way to go.

The Benefits of Pants

Each style comes with unique traits and benefits. When it comes to pants, there are so many styles to choose from (and then styles within those styles). You don’t just have jeans; you have skinny jeans and mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. You have high-rise jeans and mid-rise jeans and low-rise jeans. You have jeans that come in various shades of blue or black or even pink! Whereas leggings are more “niche” in that they usually all have the same uniform look even if they do come in different colors or patterns, there are thousands of pant styles to choose from. When it comes to putting together a chic, fashionable outfit, you will have more creative opportunities with a pair of pants.


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