Lazy Day Outfits to Wear at Home or School

Lazy Day Outfits to Wear at Home or School

Lazy days are the best days. They’re the perfect opportunity for you to disconnect from the outside world, find your happy place, and reset absolutely everything. Giving yourself time to unwind is key to your well-being, and it can make all the difference in how you approach anything that comes your way.

Just because you’re off-duty, however, doesn’t mean putting your love of style on hold. Are you all about that women’s loungewear life? Do you like the idea of getting all dressed up even if there’s nowhere to go? Maybe you fall under both umbrellas? Whatever your preference, there are tons of versatile options that will help you feel both stylish and comfortable while you’re enjoying a lazy day at home. Here are our favorite cute lazy day outfits for school and home.

The Perfect Sweats

Nothing says laid-back quite like a pair of women’s sweatpants and a sweatshirt. They’re the ultimate in lazy-day wear, with their relaxed silhouettes and comfortable fabrics. You can keep things streamlined by coordinating your colors from top to bottom. That’s an easy way to look pulled together with absolutely no effort.

If you like the idea of mixing and matching to create fresh and unexpected looks, though, have some fun pairing opposing colors with one another. If you love patterned sweatshirts, pair them with solid sweatpants. No matter what your shade preference, you’ll feel completely acceptable if you decide to take the dog for a walk or want to run outside to grab the mail.

The Cool Dress

Something light and breezy is also a great choice when you’re spending the day indoors. Shirt dresses are more than just practical for at-home wear, though; they’re also perfectly stylish, and in many cases, they’re right on-trend. Take your pick of different fabrics: cotton offers classic appeal and a reliably soft touch, while the swingy jersey is stretchy and supple.

The shirt dress offers the added advantage of being appropriate for anything on your agenda. Even the laziest days might include some light activities, like stepping outside with the kids for a few minutes or going out for some fresh air. A dress will help you feel a little more pulled together while you’re doing those types of things. Step into a pair of slides or lace-free sneakers to complete the look.

The Stretchy Leggings

When in doubt, pull on a pair of leggings. When it comes to clothes that are comfortable, stylish, and reliable all at once, nothing quite compares to these popular bottoms. Best of all, they’re incredibly easy to style no matter what the situation. When you’re relaxing on the couch, you’ll feel great when you pair them with a light and loose-fitting T-shirt. Prefer something that’s a little more pulled together? Try a tunic instead.

If you happen to have some unexpected work to do on your lazy day, you can count on your leggings to see you through. They’re great for anything physical, largely because they’re so flexible that they simply move with you instead of restricting anything that you might do. You can pair it with a long and lean cardigan to add a little bit of polish to your everyday look, too. Finish with a pair of ballet flats and you’ll feel like you’re ready for anything. Getting a little bit dressed up for yourself is a good enough excuse!

The Breezy Shorts

Not every lazy day calls for cozy attire. Sure, it feels good to warm up and wrap yourself in something soft and plush, but balmy summer days can make it difficult to find any good reason to wear anything but the lightest and airiest clothes. That’s why a great pair of women’s shorts is the ultimate choice for a warmer day.

You have options when it comes to these casual bottoms. Throw on a pair of simple chino shorts with a striped T-shirt for an effortless look. If you prefer a little bit of extra coverage, step into a pair of Bermuda shorts instead. Does your lazy day include a dip in the backyard pool? Try a pair of shorts with a wide elastic waist so that you can easily slip them on over your bathing suit and quickly pull them off when you’re ready to get into the water.

Lazy Without the Lazy Factor

Those lazy days are the best! They’re the ones that call for your most carefree clothes — the loose fits, the flowing fabrics, the light colors, and the perfect comfort. While it might seem like a tricky task finding garments that meet all of these criteria, that’s not the case where most at-home wear is concerned. Prioritize your comfort above everything else and you’ll never go wrong.


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