5 Tips for Layering Sweaters Under Coats

5 Tips for Layering Sweaters Under Coats

Strategic layering is key to your comfort during the coldest months of the year. Winter calls for your toastiest garments, from plush cardigan sweaters to polished wool coats. Because variety means everything to a well-rounded wardrobe, it’s a good idea to keep an assortment of different options on hand. That might mean a turtleneck and a puffy coat or a pullover and a fleece jacket instead.

Options also help when you want to keep things interesting throughout the season. Wearing the same type of outfit day after day can get a little dull, but that’s not the case when you mix things up! Adding fresh colors and different prints to your closet is a simple and effective way to revitalize your cold-weather wardrobe. Layering is essential to staying comfortable and giving your outfits a little spark at the same time. Here are five ways to wear sweaters under coats.

Try Thin Layers

Not every fall or winter day is cold enough to warrant wearing a down coat. Some days call for lighter pieces that still lock in body heat to keep you comfortable. That might be the case when it’s a little brisk in the morning, for example, and the forecast calls for warmer temperatures in the afternoon.

How to dress for crazy days when the weather is a little bit all over the place? Try layering a blazer over a thinner sweater. Blazers are inherently warm, but you can opt for a lighter weight fabric and a more relaxed silhouette if it’s not particularly cold. A looser fit also sits well over a thin sweater, like a cashmere pullover or a tissue-weight cardigan. Add a pair of flowing pants, step into a pair of loafers or booties, and you have the ultimate go-to outfit for work or lunch with a friend.

Rely on Wool

The colder it gets, the more you need to break out the heavy-duty materials to help you stay warm through it all. Women’s wool coats are ideal for their classic appeal and constant comfort when temperatures take a dive. A long and lean style, or even one that’s car-coat length, is perfect for layering over a sweater.

As for which style of sweater, that depends mainly on the weather. A turtleneck always looks sleek and refined beneath a wool coat. On the other hand, if you want to achieve a look that’s at once casual and polished, try yours with high-waist jeans and a pair of boots. Or try a simple crew-neck sweater with a pair of corduroy pants. Add a pair of chunky slip-on sneakers and you’ll look the picture of timeless perfection.

Opt for Cashmere

It’s tough not to absolutely love a good cashmere turtleneck or pullover. It’s inherently chic, with a no-fuss, no-nonsense, always-on-form appeal that makes it the style winner of your winter wardrobe year after year. Plus, it offers the same level of warmth and comfort as a thicker sweater without the added bulk.

That’s key if you’re not feeling the voluminous look this year. The truth is that thick layers can downright immobilize you when you’re in a rush, leaving you more uncomfortable than cozy. No one needs that on a harsh winter day. Cashmere is wonderfully supple and warm, without the chunkiness of a thicker knit. That makes it just right to wear anything beneath a forgiving longline coat to a more fitted trench coat.

Embrace the Puffer

Puffer coats are available in an array of styles. No longer are you limited to styles so thick and bulky that they overwhelm your frame and look shapeless against your body. Today, you can find everything from puffy women’s winter vests to jackets. That sort of variety is key because it allows you to stay as warm as possible no matter what the conditions out there might be.

Vests are the perfect transitional option for that in-between period as fall eases into winter. You can even wear them during the winter-to-spring transition when the weather is a little unpredictable and finicky. They add an essential warming layer and look fantastic over long-sleeved crew-neck sweaters. Choose from a variety of styles, from solid colors in neutrals and bright shades to vibrant patterns.

Dress It Up

A dress coat instantly enhances the many ways you can dress up when it’s cold outside. Typically made with wool, these coats offer a more polished take on cold-weather wear. They’re smartly cut, with clean lines and a forgiving silhouette that looks fantastic over everything from a sweater dress and tights to a tunic sweater and leggings.

It’s also a great choice for the workplace, adding a touch of conservative style to your professional wardrobe. A dress coat nicely complements a pair of wool trousers or other corporate-style pants that you wear during fall and winter. Finish with sensible boots or low-profile pumps—you’re sure to look and feel polished from top to toe.

It’s easy to achieve a look you love without sacrificing your style, even when it’s cold outside. The key is to layer like you’re a pro—and that’s simple when the sheer variety is so great. Have fun mixing things up to create looks you love that will keep you toasty all season long.

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