Layering Magic for Casual Gatherings

Layering Magic for Casual Gatherings

If you have become increasingly interested in new ways to take your outfits to the next level, might we suggest you try layering? Layering your clothing is an excellent way to showcase your style and bring more texture to your outfits.

If you’ve never tried layering your clothes in new ways, don’t dismiss the idea just yet or write it off as something too difficult to perfect. In this post, we will introduce you to a few handy layering techniques that will transform your wardrobe and help you create fabulous outfits for casual gatherings.

Layer a Summer Dress

Doesn’t it feel like such a shame to see your summer dresses hanging up in your closet unworn all fall and winter long? You can transform those summer dresses into outfits worn for a social gathering during the colder season with a few handy layering techniques. Traditionally, you might layer with something over the dress; but one way to up your style game is to layer underneath the dress. Start with a spaghetti strap or sleeveless summer dress; the more stylish prints and vivid colors, the better, however solid colors work too—layer underneath the dress with a sweater like a cashmere turtleneck or a lightweight cotton sweater. Depending on how cold it is outside, you may also want to layer on the bottom with a pair of thick stockings. To finish the look, opt for chunky boots or sneakers with socks. It’s a look that is casual and comfortable, yet unbelievably stylish.

Layer With a Poncho, Shawl, or Scarf

Ponchos, shawls, and women’s scarves are all excellent clothing articles that can be used effortlessly for layering. If you not only want to add warmth to your casual look but dimension and texture too, layer a print shawl over a sweater. The sweater and shawl combo can come in any print style or color, so long as the two different pieces complement each other. For the bottom, blue jeans are great for the casual look, but you can also wear a midi skirt. Just as we mentioned in our previous point, you can layer on the bottom with a pair of stockings if the weather calls for it. If you are going to layer on the bottom with stockings, make sure they are a solid color instead of a print style; if you went for print stockings on the bottom in addition to a print shawl on top, the two pieces would clash too much and make the outfit look disorganized.

Incorporate Overalls and Jumpsuits

If you find yourself really getting into layering and want to explore more outfit options, why not add some overalls or jumpsuits to your collection? Overalls and jumpsuits are fabulous because they can be worn all year long, not just during one season. If you like the denim look of overalls, this casual, laidback piece pairs nicely with a cashmere turtleneck. However, you can also wear denim overalls with short-sleeve sweaters, sleeveless turtleneck sweaters, and vests. If you want to create a high-low look, wear the denim overalls with a silky white blouse. With jumpsuits, you can layer with stockings or leggings and finish the look with stylish boots or funky sneakers.

Layer With Sweater Vests

You know what’s even better than one cozy sweater? Two cozy sweaters! You can indeed layer two sweaters at once and make your outfit look incredibly stylish. The key is to differentiate the lengths. Your base layer sweater should be long-sleeved and made with a different material than your second sweater. Your second sweater should be shorter, specifically a sweater vest. Choose different materials, styles, and colors for each of the sweaters and layer one over the other. This look can be completed with a pair of women’s jeans or black leggings and finished off with your choice of footwear.

Take Advantage of Outerwear

Outerwear must not be overlooked when it comes to the layering game. There are so many jacket and coat styles that help beautifully texturize an outfit. If you want to invest in new outerwear pieces you might not normally wear, try jackets like bombers and suede jackets or longer coats like peacoats and trenchcoats. A sleek, black bomber jacket can be worn over a hoodie or sweatshirt to create a subtly edgy, super trendy look. Finish this look with baggy jeans and sneakers to achieve the ultimate cool-girl outfit. If you want a slightly more polished, but still casual look, layer a peacoat over a soft sweater.

Are you looking for new ways to layer clothing in order to create more appealing, stylish outfits? Are you in new pieces to update your wardrobe collection and transform your casual looks? Shop Lands’ End today to find a variety of pieces that will elevate your style.


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