Cute Vest Outfits: How to Style a Vest

Cute Vest Outfits: How to Style a Vest

Vests bring to mind several thoughts. Perhaps, at first, the word brings you back to a time when circa 2004 boy bands wore their matching black vests proudly as they played pop music, or to a couple of decades earlier when Billy Idol used to sport a black leather vest to match his eyeliner.

However, these vests are not the sort of vests we have in mind. Rather, we bring you the type of vest designed with both functionality and style at the top of your list of priorities. If you have never owned a vest before, shopping for one might feel like venturing into uncharted territory. For what occasions does one wear a vest? With what outfit will it go? So many questions, yet there is an answer for each of them. Go ahead and purchase that vest that you have had an eye on for quite some time. We are here to help you style it in a way that will enhance your whole outfit. Here are our top tips for choosing what to wear with a vest.

Color Coordinate

Vests are versatile. They can complement the theme of a monochromatic outfit, make a statement, or finish off your whole outfit by enhancing the look with an unexpected pop of color (i.e. a yellow vest over a white top). When wearing a vest and coordinating different colors or even the same colors, keep in mind the current season. In autumn, it’s always best to coordinate fall colors: blues, deep purples, oranges, yellows, and greens are all fun colors that you can safely wear with your vest. Although you likely don’t have to be told this, avoid color clashing. If you are stumped on fun, fashionable colors, you can never go wrong with a white top and a black vest. This is something stylish and classic that will look good in every season. Fall colors also work wonderfully when layering a vest. Pair a dark olive green vest with a blue denim top or a black flannel shirt.

Play With Patterns

When it comes to layering a vest with your outfit, there is no need to limit yourself to one color. Done correctly, vests can be patterned themselves or layered on top of a patterned shirt. A print vest on top of a print shirt may be a bit much, but to each his (rather, her) own. There is a nice contrast between a solid color and pattern, whether it’s a vest and a shirt or the reverse order. When it comes down to it, don’t feel the need to restrict yourself. Plaid vests in a light or a dark color look marvelous against a solid-colored turtleneck. Alternatively, a solid dark or light-colored vest can look very chic on top of a striped shirt.

Accessorize Accordingly

Depending on the style and material of the vest, there are certain ways you can accessorize your entire look. Puffer vests worn in winter go nicely with a beanie hat, a pair of gloves, and even a scarf tucked beneath the vest’s zipper to complete the winter look. For a classic autumn look, style a quilted barn vest with a pair of black or brown equestrian riding boots. There are a few things to avoid when wearing a vest such as bulky, loud statement jewelry. Something like this would just clash with a vest, which in and of itself gives off a very casual and carefree feel. Stick to small, subtle jewelry pieces like a flattering pair of earrings or a couple of rings. Sometimes it's the tiniest things that pull cute vest outfits together!

Materials Matter

What type of material you wear will also be determined by the weather. If it’s a beautiful fall day, but unseasonably warm by the afternoon, the last thing you want is to be wearing a puffer vest on top of a knit turtleneck. Fleece vests are most suitable for the fall season when it’s not so cold that you need to wear a chunky coat but cool enough that you need a little something. And long tunic puffer vests should be reserved for the snowy winter season or those late autumn days when the frost is starting to stick to the ground. When you are wearing a vest, it’s important to take into consideration the material of both the vest itself and the shirt with which you are wearing the vest.

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