Layering Clothes for Cold Weather Hikes

Layering Clothes for Cold Weather Hikes

Autumn is officially upon us—and we couldn’t be more jazzed. There’s nothing like appreciating fall beauty out on the trail among the gorgeous foliage. Just thinking of the smell of leaves, moss along streambeds, and the scent of a far-off bonfire makes anyone yearn for the outdoors. Hiking is great in spring and summer, but cold weather activities give you a glimpse of the world others won’t get to see. It’s totally worth it.

Get the car geared up for a weekend out in the wilderness, and we’ll make sure you are prepared for anything the weather can throw at you. It’s always best to dress in layers so you can protect yourself from the inside out. Plus, if the temperature rises, you can remove a layer and bask in the gift of warmth. Cold weather hikes make that hot cup of tea or chocolate afterward even more rewarding. Get out there and explore the wintry world of nature.

Base Layers for Insulation

Base layers are an absolute must. They are the key to keeping your body temperature regulated and help the outer layers do their job even better. Think about starting from the interior and moving outward to layer appropriately. Check out some women’s long underwear first. They’ll keep you dry and insulated—some pieces that do this best are our silk interlock and our Thermaskin heat fabrics in leggings and crew neck tops. Be sure the pieces are fitted but not too tight for the best breathability.

Another option is to go for one of our thermal shirts in a turtleneck or scoop neck, depending on how much you like to keep your neck covered.

Mid-weight for Comfort

After you’ve got the bases covered, next, think about the mid-layers. These are fabrics like cotton, wool, and fleece that will still fit under a jacket. A good example is our women’s turtleneck sweatshirts. They have high marks in coziness and are sure to keep you warm on the trail as you increase in elevation and start to see the snow line and the tops of the alpine forest.

If you like a protective neckline, check out one of our women’s pullover tops like the fleece with the cowl neck. It’s got an extra-long drape for visual interest in the front and, as a bonus, keeps your backside protected too.

Or, if you prefer cotton, layer up with a cotton long sleeve tee and pair it with one of our women’s winter vests in a bright blackberry or soft Mojave rose. You’ll be the most colorful member of the hiking club.

Outerwear to Protect

Ok, now that we’ve got the under layers taken care of, next, we need to think about protection from elements like rain and snow. Ideally, you want an outer layer that gives you the ease of movement but doesn’t give in to the warmth factor. A packable jacket is a great first option most importantly because it can be stored away in your hiker’s backpack for immediate use whenever the weather turns. When hiking, it’s super key to keep your pack as l light as possible, so a down jacket that easily folds away without adding any serious weight is a can’t-miss addition. Check out the ultralight short sleeve jacket in tie-dye floral or peacock teal or packable down vest for extra freedom to take selfies and throw snowballs.

If your hike is in a wet area, think about staying dry. Being soggy on the trail is a recipe for a short hike. But don’t worry—we’ve got plenty of options to make you want to hike until the sun goes down. A waterproof down jacket is a great option too. Down is nature’s own waterproofing system, and this jacket doesn’t disappoint. If you like flannel, check out the quarter-zip textured pullover for style and function.

Insulated Footwear to Stay Dry

If we’re keeping your arms and legs dry, we can’t forget about your feet! Boots and the best quality wool socks are the best place to start. Look at some women’s winter boots. For the most serious of boots, check out the squall insulated boots—they come in dark caramel, black, or gray and contrasting laces. The faux fur and suede are top-notch for the trail. Or, for something that can be used in various climates, try the insulated snow boots. Both will keep you dry as a bone.

Hats and Gloves to Top It Off

Last but certainly not least is the best in winter hats. A CashTouch winter beanie in rich red or emerald gulf offers top-quality softness and fits snug to your head. If you love all things women’s fleece, then maybe a fleece beanie and gloves are more your style. Coordinate the black/antique alabaster check print hat with the same print gloves.

Remember: when you’re layering for a cold-weather hike, use thin, gentle fabrics like silk against your skin and then denser ones like down and fleece for the outer layers!

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