Layering Apparel for Spring

Layering Apparel for Spring

We think of layering like painting on a canvas—with each piece, from a tank top to a cardigan, you make another unique choice, turning your outfit into a work of art that shows off your personality.

Just because the weather is getting warmer for spring doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to the layering techniques we’ve honed during the long, cold winter. Spring is perhaps an even better time for layering since we don’t have to hide those glorious layers under a big puffy coat. For anyone who can't decide what to wear, we suggest you try layering.

You can wear more than one thing at once! Whether you want to color coordinate or mix and match, stick to one type of fabric or switch up the feel of each item, it’s fun to layer with whatever you’ve got, in any way you choose. Here’s some of our favorite layering apparel for spring.

The Light Jacket

Jean jackets, blazers, leather coats, squalls, windbreakers, trench coats…we could go on listing different types of light jackets, all of which are ideal options for spring layering. The jean jacket is the perfect casual outer layer to put on over whatever top you choose. They’re practically made to be worn unbuttoned, to better be able to show off a fabulous tunic or t-shirt. They also go perfectly over a spring dress, the neutral denim color matching with almost anything (we wouldn’t say no to a Canadian tuxedo either… denim on denim is all good in our book). But any light spring jacket is perfect for layering, and a great way to have a little more fun with outerwear during this warmer season. Temperate, sunny days can turn into chilly spring nights, so a light jacket can be your best friend in this weather.

The Light Sweater

A cousin of the light jacket, the light sweater is another spring layering staple, one that’s even easier to get creative with. From the cardigan to the pullover, it’s so much fun to be able to show off the way your sweater looks with whatever you have on underneath, from a camisole to a collared shirt. We love the way a collar peeks out over a v-neck pullover, for a preppy look. Button up your cardigan or leave it open, either way is ideal for the office or the park in the spring.

The Overshirt

The overshirt and the camisole: they go together like no other. The perfect way to add a little dimension to your oxford shirt or button-down shirt, wearing it over a camisole or t-shirt is one of our favorites for spring layering. The ultimate in comfort, a loose-fitting overshirt looks and feels perfect over a tank top or tee, and allows us to wear multiple colors and styles at once. A striped button-down over a solid black or white camisole is a classic way to wear this look, and we love having the option to button up if it gets colder outside, or tie the overshirt around our waist if it heats up. Roll up the sleeves to feel even more springy, and pop the color if you’re feeling bold. We also love an overshirt over a spring dress, as an intermediate option on the way to a light jacket.

The Dress Over T-Shirt

A super stylish choice for spring days when you want to wear a spaghetti strap dress, but want to cover up a little on top, the dress over t-shirt is a fun option for spring layering. We love wearing a long, flowy printed dress with a solid t-shirt underneath. Some even opt to wear a plain white oxford shirt under a strappy dress, a fun choice for a more formal look. Try a striped tee under a solid dress, too, for a fun twist. For those colder spring days, a turtleneck does the trick, whether it’s short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or a tank for a slight throwback element of this cute 90s look.

Socks and Sandals

It’s not a fashion sin anymore—socks under sandals is a great way to transition into summer footwear one step at a time. Of course, this is our favorite way to run out of the house to grab a coffee or walk the dog, but it’s become more acceptable to wear this look more intentionally with a pair of jeans or sweatpants.

The only rule of layering is to have fun and let your personality shine. Oh, and remember, when it comes to layering, forget less is more: more is absolutely more!


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