Layered Bedding Creates a Comfy Home

Layered Bedding Makes for a Comfy Home

There’s something about lots of blankets and pillows that truly makes a bed look picture-perfect. The right amount of blanket-layering and the right kind of throw pillow arrangement can make a bed look comfortable, which, in turn, creates a feeling of comfort throughout a home. Plus, it’ll help you sleep better, which will create a more comfortable home life, too.

Let’s explore how to create a layered bedding look and the important role it plays within a home.

How To Create a Layered Bedding Look

It’s easy to create a layered bedding look. You just need a few blankets and throws to achieve the look. Down comforters are a good place to start. Get a down comforter in the color of your choice and spread it across your bed like you are making your bed. Then, get an understated quilt in a color that is close to, but does not match, your down comforter. Spread the quilt on top of your down comforter.

Next, you’ll need to incorporate throw blankets. To create a comfy and cozy look, it’s ideal that your throw blanket is in a warm texture or fabric like faux fur, textured wool, or has some sort of fringe or pom-pom detailing — this will help create some dimension with your bedding. You can place the throw blanket wherever it looks best, folded at the foot of the bed or draped diagonally across the middle. You can even get multiple throw blankets if your bed is looking a little bare, just make sure the colors or patterns go together well.

The last thing you’ll need to create the ultimate layered bed look are throw pillows. Get throw pillows in different shapes and sizes to place at the head of your bed. A few soft throw pillows will make you want to cozy up on your bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

Your bedroom should be a calming oasis. By creating a comfortable-looking bed, you’ve already created that peaceful space. Now, just light a candle and marvel at your beautiful bed and all of its perfectly layered blankets and pillows.

How Layered Bedding Impacts The Rest of Your Home

While the bedroom is not as visible as the living room or the kitchen, it’s still an important room in a home. It allows you to rest up for the day and can be a safe space from any of the chaos going on in the outside world. Creating a bed that is cozy, welcoming, and comfortable will be felt throughout all of the spaces of the home. How? Well, that feeling will be carried throughout your home with decisions for the guest bedroom, your children’s bedrooms, the den, and even the office. You’re more likely to create other spaces with layered bedding, whether it’s a spare bedroom, a chair in the living room, or the couch if you have a bedroom that already reflects that look.

Layered bedding and blankets can fit any vibe in any room — get brightly colored blankets and animal-shaped pillows for a child’s room. As far as a living room, get some throw blankets that complement each other and are sturdy enough to maintain the frequent foot traffic that the living room attracts. When not layered, these throws can even be stored in stylish seagrass baskets.

Additionally, if you decide not to carry this look through to other rooms, remember that the throw blankets on your bed don’t have to stay there; you can bring your textured throw blankets down to the family room for a movie night with your kids and partner, or you can cozy up in the many blankets on the bed for family story time. All you need are your slippers and matching family pajamas to create the ultimate sense of comfort.

A bed that is intentionally designed and is made up of many comfortable layers is bound to give you a good night’s rest. It’s also likely to help ensure the rest of the home is just as calming and comforting as the bedroom. Let your bedroom serve as the starting point for this comfortable vibe. Then, make sure it flows throughout the rest of your house, too. Create a layered bedding look in comfy seating areas throughout your home and in your children’s bedrooms, too.

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