Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Between school, work, social obligations, and at-home chores, it can be tough to plan anything ahead of time, especially something like a potentially complicated Halloween costume. It seems that some parents select and make their children’s Halloween costumes in the summer months as soon as they feel any slight chill in the air. But, most people spend days leading up to Halloween feverishly shopping for a fun, unique costume for their kids.

If you’re still planning out a Halloween costume for your kids, look no further. Lands’ End has plenty of items that can be used as centerpieces for last-minute Halloween costumes, and that can be purchased with just the click of a button. Or, your kids may even already have these items in their closets.

Use Winter Snow Pants for a Ski-Themed Costume

This Halloween costume is particularly for those who live in climates where Halloween is often a cold or snowy day. Use winter snow pants as a centerpiece for a skiing- or snowboarding-themed Halloween costume. All you’ll need is a pair of boy's snow pants , or girls ski pants from our Lands’ End collection to get the last-minute costume idea rolling.

Go for snow pants in a bright pattern or color to really call attention to the pants on Halloween night. Once you have your kid’s snow pants, you’ll just need ski goggles, a fun winter hat, some weather-appropriate boots, and a jacket to complete the look. And if there is snow on the ground on Halloween night, this costume will be a twofer; it’ll keep your little ones warm, too.

Create a Lumberjack Costume Using a Flannel Shirt

This costume is very simple, and your kids may even have this item in their closet already. Start with a flannel shirt in a classic plaid pattern.

For your daughter, purchase one of Lands’ End’s girls' flannel shirts, and for your son, purchase one of our boys flannel shirts . This flannel shirt will be the basis of a lumberjack Halloween costume. Once you have the flannel shirt, you’re already almost done with the costume.

The only other items you’ll need are a pair of loose-fitting jeans, bulky short leather boots or dark sneakers, a beanie in a dark color, and a fake axe. You can even use face paint to draw a fake beard and mustache on your little lumberjack.

Make Your Kids Into Their Grandparents Using a Simple Sweater

Here’s a funny one. Dress your tots up as their grandparents with just a few simple items, the most important of which is a classic sweater. For your son, choose a sweater vest, button-front cardigan, or V-neck sweater from our boy's sweaters. For your daughter, do the same!

From there, use slippers, grey wigs, and grandma- and grandpa-style spectacles to complete the look. You can even teach your kids some of their grandparent’s favorite PG sayings to say throughout the night. This will sure get grandma and grandpa (and you and your partner!) laughing.

Get a Robe for a Spa-Inspired Costume

Couldn’t we all use a day at the spa? Well, here’s the next best thing. Purchase solid-colored bathrobes for your kids and create a day at the spa last-minute Halloween costume. Lands’ End has both robes for girls and boy’s robes that come in a soft fleece material with a hood for added coziness.

To turn the robe into a costume fit for a spa, use green face paint to create a design that looks like a hydrating face mask on your kids.

Next, wrap a towel around their hair to complete the day-at-the-spa look. If you’d like, you can put your kiddo in slippers and give them two cucumber rounds to put over their eyes during photo ops. Our robes have pockets, so they can store the cucumbers there in the meantime.

Embrace a Christmas Theme

It’s highly likely that your kids already have Christmas pajamas, or if you buy them a pair for a Halloween costume, they can wear them throughout the holiday season and even on Christmas morning!

For a last-minute Halloween costume, purchase your kids flannel pajama pants in a bold holiday print from our selection of Christmas family pajamas . The flannel pants come in a holiday yeti print and a Christmas dog option.

The pants are the main aspect of the costume, but things like light-up Christmas necklaces, a Santa hat or antler headband, and a stocking to hold onto can really add some extra festivity to this costume. When asked what they are for Christmas, kids can say that they are a Christmas card.

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