Lands' End UK: Frequently Asked Questions

Lands' End UK: Frequently Asked Questions

Lands' End in the UK is a sure way to receive a wide range of answers. A simple question like "Where is Lands' End?" could lead you to the shore, the store, or anywhere in between. If a more direct approach is what you're looking for, continue reading to get the top three Lands' End, UK questions answered.

Is Lands' End the end of England?

Land's End is the name of mainland Britain's most south-westerly point. It is technically part of Cornwall, UK. Land's End is located on the Penwith peninsula, which is about eight miles from Penzance. It is one of the United Kingdom's most famous landmarks. The view from Land's End is stunning. As you stand atop towering granite cliffs that rise 200 feet up and out of the Atlantic Ocean, you can see all the way to Longships Lighthouse, the Isles of Scilly (which are twenty eight miles away) and even all the way to portions of North America.

Where can I return Lands' End merchandise in Europe?

If you have a return label, you can have your return collected by Hermes, our courier service. You can also ship your return using the shipper of your choice. Send your return to the address below. Returns take roughly 28 days to fully process.

Returns Department

Lands' End Europe Limited,

Lands' End Way,



LE15 6US

Where is Lands' End in the UK?

The short answer? Everywhere. Yes, Lands' End certainly is available in the UK. You can shop online at If you'd rather place an order by telephone, simply call 0800 376 7974. To request a catalogue, just visit If you prefer to shop in person, the Lands' End Outlet Store is located at:

Lands' End Europe Ltd,

Lands' End Way,

Oakham, Rutland,

LE15 6US


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