Lands’ End Sustainability Initiative

Lands’ End Sustainability Initiative

Lands’ End is committed to doing better for our environment, one step at a time. Together, we are working to minimize our impact on the earth. Here’s a little more information on a few things we’re doing to ensure we all enjoy a better tomorrow.

What Commitment has Lands’ End Made to Help Our Environment?

Lands’ End is on the road to sustainability. One step at a time, we are committing to ways we can do better, make changes, and stay focused on our sustainability goals. For example, we currently offer swimwear made of recycled polyester. Up to nine plastic bottles are used in every swimsuit. This eco-friendly fabric stretches comfortably to ensure you look good. And since it is made of recycled material, you’ll feel good, too.

What Sustainability Goals has Lands’ End Set?

At Lands’ End, our Sustainability Team understands the importance of setting and meeting goals. We’ve been working hard to implement small changes that will make a big difference. We’re excited to announce three of our sustainability goals. By 2022, we are committed to using water-saving finishing processes on 30% of our products. This will greatly reduce the amount of water we use during the final stages of making our products. Then by 2023, we plan to create a product life cycle component. This will clearly show how our product goes from design to recycling. And by 2025, 100% of our polyester fibers will be from recycled sources. 100% of our cotton, which is featured in most of our women’s t-shirts, will come from sustainable sources. And we will proudly be using 100% sustainable packaging and labeling.

Has Lands’ End Partnered with Any Other Businesses for Their Sustainability Initiative?

Absolutely. We believe the best way to do almost anything is as a team, which is why Lands’ End has partnered with 13 like-minded businesses at a product and corporate level to help support our sustainability journey. A great example of this is our partnership with the National Forest Foundation. Lands' End has been a proud corporate supporter of the National Forest Foundation since 2012. Founded by Congress in 1991, the National Forest Foundation works with the United States Forest Service to care for the 193 million-acre National Forest System. As a nonprofit organization, the National Forest Foundation works with people and corporations, like Lands’ End, to help fund the restoration of national forests and grasslands. Together, Lands’ End and the National Forest Foundation strive to promote the health and public enjoyment of our National Forest System. Through this partnership, Lands' End has funded the planting of 1.4 million trees and counting. Lands’ End’s commitment to the environment is an ongoing one. We’re always looking for sustainability-savvy partners to walk beside us, reusable canvas bags in hand, on the road to maintaining a more ecologically balanced future.

Is Lands’ End a Member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition?

Yes, in 2013 Lands' End became a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. This globally-recognized organization consists of brands, retailers, manufacturers, government and non-government organizations, and academic experts. By joining forces in a coalition, Lands’ End and other eco-conscious companies can address the systemic challenges that are impossible to change alone. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s goal is to reduce the global environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear. To do so, the Coalition focuses on building and refining the Higg Index, a standardized supply chain tool that measures the environmental, social and labor impacts of making and selling products and services. Lands’ End provides quality feedback to the Coalition about its tools and service offerings. This data is put to use so that ultimately we can all achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.


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